Selleck: 'Three Men and a Bride' Get Engaged?

three men and a bride

The world was a very different place in 1987. Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg were box office draws after starring in one of the biggest comedy hits of all time - Three Men and a Baby, directed by none other than Leonard NimoyThree Men and a Baby brought in $ 167 million in the US alone. The success of the film spawned a sequel three years later, entitled Three Men and a Little Lady, and while it was a hit, it didn’t match the popularity of the original ($71 million).

Over the last twenty years a third film has often been discussed, usually titled Three Men and a Bride. Selleck, Danson and Guttenberg have all talked about the possibility of the film over the past decade or so – but now, according to Selleck it is closer to reality than ever before.

Last year Steve Guttenberg, or “The Gutte” as some affectionately call him, stated that Disney was pulling the strings on bringing a third film together with the original three men. Guttenberg is an enthusiastic chap and many believed that it was more wishful thinking on his part than the gears of production starting up.

However, Tom Selleck who has been out promoting his new film The Killers told MTV:

"It is true that Disney checked my availability. And I know they checked Ted's and Steve's, and then had a script written, I think tentatively called 'Three Men and a Bride,' which kind of says it all.”

While he was unsure when the film would go into production (or if at all), he did say:

"I hope it's a good script, and if it is a good script I hope they do it, because it would be really fun to get back with Ted and Steve. The strongest of the two movies I think is the first one. It had more heart, and that's what I hope this third one would have if we do it."

3 men and a little lady

Remaking and revisiting the 1980s is huge business in Hollywood at the moment and Three Men and a Baby is still a perennial favorite on television. A new film would get the obvious brand name recognition and audience goodwill that most sequels get – but it also comes with the added bonus of being able to bring a young a-list actress into the frame, to both mix-up the formula, as well as bolster box office grosses.

As far as belated sequels go this doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, and it would be great to see Selleck, Danson and Guttenberg back together again - the trio had great chemistry in the original films.

However, the main question is: who would you like to see as “the bride”?

Source: MTV

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