Thor Talks 'Captain America' and 'Avengers'

Chris Hemsworth Thor MTV Interview on Avengers and Chris Evans

Chris Hemsworth, star of Marvel Studios' upcoming Thor took a moment to answer some questions for MTV on the red carpet for the premiere of The Last Song, starring his brother, Liam Hemsworth. The brief interview touches on his thoughts on Chris Evans nabbing the leading role in Captain America and his his feelings on the possibility of Louis Leterrier directing The Avengers. The interview only takes 30 seconds, but we get some decent information and a nice perspective.

On Chris Evans as Captain America:

"Fantastic. Yea, I just found out the other day and he's great. He's got a ton of charisma, and he's a bloke, and I think he has all the points to pull it off, so it's really exciting."

Oh my goodness! He's a bloke!? No, but it's nice to hear a fellow actor talk up Chris Evans. He does seem like an enjoyable guy, and that can be a big benefit on set. Regardless of whether they are playing characters, the chemistry and believability of actors like Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man 2) following Chris Evans in The Avengers is more than just acting and has to bleed off screen as well. At the same time, what the heck is Hemsworth supposed to say? "No, I think they could have done better?"

Louis Leterrier may direct Marvel's The Avengers

On Louis Leterrier possibly directing The Avengers:

"Yea, look, I've heard a lot of names bounced around, and then we all gather together next January/February to shoot the thing. So look, any of the people I've heard I'd be impressed by. I have no idea who it's gonna be through."

There we go. Some clarification emerges. It looks like The Avengers is all set to begin filming early next year. What I like about that is how quickly Hemsworth will go from one movie to the next without losing the character. By filming, he'll be a year deep into Thor. What's even better is instead of this putting pressure on Captain America to finish filming on time, it gives them a chance to go back for re-shoots if necessary while everybody is still in character.

Does this sound like a good crew assembling? Do you like what you see in the potential camaraderie of the actors?

Thor opens May 5, 2011 , The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

Source: MTV via Coming Soon

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