Thoroughbreds Trailer Promises a 'Razor-Witted' Dark Comedy

A new official trailer has been released for the upcoming dark comedy/thriller Thoroughbreds. Released by Focus Features, it shows the fateful friendship between two privileged young women played by Olivia Cooke (Bates Motel) and Anya Taylor-Joy (Split), as they embark on an ill-advised murder plot. The film also stars Anton Yelchin (Star Trek) in one of his last roles before he passed away in a tragic accident in June 2016.

Thoroughbreds is the directorial debut of Cory Finley, who also wrote the screenplay. The film had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 21, 2017, and picked up plenty of positive notices. Currently holding a fresh pre-release rating of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, quotes have described it as being a 'razor witted black comedy'. The plot details a reunion between Amanda (Cooke) and Lily (Taylor-Joy), who were best friends in childhood until they were separated. Since then Amanda has developed into someone who has no emotions and has to 'act' to appear normal, whilst Lily has become over-sensitive and withdrawn. Berated by Lily's overbearing stepfather Mark, played by Paul Sparks (House of Cards), they hatch a plan to kill him with the aid of lowlife drug-dealer Tim (Yelchin).

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The full trailer (which can be viewed above) highlights the special traits of the two leading characters and the instances of dark humor. Amanda shows her 'technique', where she effortlessly produces fake tears and manages to produce a genuine-looking smile, despite feeling nothing inside. Lily is shown as nervy and subservient as her stepfather cruelly mocks her mother. The black comedy is shown in earnest with a wonderfully awkward scene as Mark demands that Amanda be taken home by her mother - complete with a nervous gulp. It's also exhibited when Tim is sitting in a bathtub with a bad head-injury moaning; 'What am I going to tell my Dad?'. 'Wear a hat' is the deadpan response from Amanda.

Cooke looks to be impressive with her emotionless-but-endearing portrayal of Amanda, and it will give fans of Bates Motel a chance to see what it would be like if Emma had gone full 'Norman Bates'. Taylor-Joy is currently on a roll with movies at the moment, after killer performances in the likes of The Witch and Split, and the upcoming roles in Glass and New Mutants. This could be another cool performance from her as the twitchy Lily. Sparks and the late Yelchin also look to be giving strong support.

All in all, Thoroughbreds seems to be a dark treat from this latest trailer, and a comedy/thriller in the flavor of the cult classic Heathers. For that reason alone, it seems like something to check out in theaters, when it arrives next year.

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Thoroughbreds hits theaters on March 9, 2018.

Source: Focus Features

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