Forget Thor: The VENOM of Asgard Has Finally Arrived

Venom Comic Asgardian Armor Upgrade

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Venom #14

The world of Venom just got a whole lot crazier, thanks to Eddie Brock's new symbiote. The classic Venom look is iconic, but a suit of symbiote armor modeled after Thor's ancestors is even better--and might have just made Eddie as strong as the God of Thunder, too.

For fans of Venom who know the hero as a partnership between Eddie Brock and an alien Symbiote, this new twist is going to make... no sense at all. But for those who have followed Eddie and the Venom symbiote's breakup, it's just another step in the comic's wildest direction yet. That's thanks to Marvel's War of the Realms, bringing a magical war of Dark Elves and Asgardians to Earth. A war that Eddie was recruited into with the promise of a magical weapon that could be exactly what he needed. The answer was a symbiote, just like his former 'Other.' But the magic has different ideas for the kind of warrior Eddie must become to win the battle ahead. In short? The Venom of Asgard, about to launch into a full symbiote Berserker Rage.

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The latest evolution of Eddie Brock comes in the pages of Venom #14, following the now single-minded master of the symbiote's fistfight with some Frost Giants invading New York City. Eddie got through that battle thanks to his magic symbiote, breaking and growing every bone and muscle in his body to make him the biggest version of Venom Marvel's ever seen. But his magic symbiote is just as vulnerable to fire as the original...

Venom Comic Burning in Fire

The fire engulfing Eddie, and his response to it, clearly explains the magic symbiote's connection to Eddie. The "gift" from the evil Dark Elf Witch knew exactly what weapon Eddie desired. But by mimicking the alien symbiote, the blast of fire proved just as deadly, sending the magic into a panic as to how to protect Eddie. Apparently, it found the solution by scanning through every thought and memory in Eddie's head to find the only thing it can become to save him. It's a terrific moment, so enjoy Eddie's own internal dialogue as the symbiote evolves beyond the Venom suit fans have known to this day:

Burns! Right down to the bone! Down my throat! Can feel the magic working overtime to protect me! Can feel it burning through the abilities it learned from memories of the Symbiote. To heal. You don't go through the fire... not like... and remain unchanged. This is... different. Not a living suit anymore. A suit of Asgardian Armor.

The image by artists Iban Coello and Andres Mossa live up to that final line of monologue, providing the answer to any Marvel fan who ever wondered what Venom would look like if he was born on Asgard, as opposed to Earth. Forging the symbiote and magic into a suit of armor more at home on Thor or another Norse god than Eddie Brock, the Venom insignia, symbiote hair, and mask-like helm all have to be seen to be believed. But the greatest treat for fans may still be ahead... when Eddie must unleash his fury like he never has before.

That's right, it's time for this Venom of Asgard to lose himself to the kind of Berserker Rage reserved for Thor and his kind, when his power and bloodlust turns him from a hero into a nightmare. Eddie has already been struggling not to lose himself to the call of the Dark Elf magic, so a higher level of battle madness means a greater chance of giving the War Witch what she wants. But that doesn't mean it won't be incredible to see in the next issue. Who knows, maybe it will take a real Asgardian to put this Venom copycat down for the count.

Venom #14 is available now at your local comic book shop, and direct from Marvel Comics.

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