Cartoon Wolverine & THOR's Valkyrie Are Teaming Up

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Exiles #2


Finally, the team-up we didn't know we needed: a Tessa Thompson-inspired Valkyrie joining forces with a cartoonish L'il Wolverine. The duo have united as the newest members of Marvel's Exiles, on a mission to stop the infamous Watchers. With Saladin Ahmed's acclaimed run on Black Bolt now at an end, the writer is tackling some interesting new projects for Marvel. This summer, Quicksilver will freeze the Marvel universe in time and explore the moments in between the Avengers: No Surrender story that just ended. But even more unusual are his new Exiles, sending Blink hopping through the Multiverse to recruit new twists on familiar characters.

Overseeing the new team is the Unseen, the version of Nick Fury post-Original Sin who has taken over for Uatu after the Watcher was killed. Last month saw him recruit Blink and give her an artifact that allows her to jump to different realities. She's already gained a good version of Iron Lad and a grizzled, older Kamala Khan.

But ever since the full roster of the team was revealed, fans have been awaiting this week's two new additions.

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Exiles #2 sees Blink, Kamala, and Iron Lad land in an alternate version of Asgard where a familiar looking Valkyrie emerges. Though she speaks more like a typical Asgardian and is a good deal bulkier than in Thor: Ragnarok, the influence from the MCU and Tessa Thompson is unmistakable.

The new team quickly repels Surtur and get Valkyrie caught up on the fact that a zombified Galactus (called the Time Eater) is consuming worlds. Then, they're whisked away to a playful and cartoonish world where a friendly character named Wolvie is trying to rescue a batch of pies from Li'l Magneto.

Once assembled, the team is brought back to the moon with the Unseen where a group of Watchers emerge and demand the annihilation of Nick Fury. The Watchers are none too pleased with his interference, bringing together the Exiles. But the Unseen's new team isn't having it, and a battle between the Watchers and Exiles ensues.

We'll have to wait for the fallout of the battle next week, but it's clear this new take on the Watchers means business. As for Valkyrie and Wolvie, they're already adding a unique dynamic to the team. Like Spider-Ham before him, Wolvie is a fun take on an existing character. But seeing the surly and murderous Wolverine turned into a childlike chibi hero is even more amusing. There's no telling what the character's future will be beyond Exiles, but it's safe to assume the new Valkyrie will be sticking around.

The existing version of Valkyrie hasn't done much in the recent Marvel Universe, and movies are constantly influencing the comics. With Thompson's Valkyrie proving a hit, it makes sense for Marvel to pull her into the comics. Interestingly, the book that does so also contains the remnants of the original Nick Fury after he was all but replaced by his MCU counterpart. And next week, fans will finally get Peggy Carter as Captain America, something movie fans would probably love to see.

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Exiles #2 is now available from Marvel and comic book retailers.

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