The all-mighty Thor unleashes his fury on the big screen this summer, and judging by the official trailer for the film, it looks to be an event to remember – which should be good news for Marvel comic book fans, whose excitement for The Avengers was dampened a bit after Iron Man 2 turned out to be kind of a disappointment.

Now there’s an international trailer for Thor online that features just a bit of new footage, but dubs all the dialogue in French. The visuals on display are still impressive enough that, quite honestly, this preview still manages to pack a punch for those not fluent in the language.

Chris Hemsworth stars as Thor, son of Odin (Anthony Hopkins), a cunning but arrogant warrior whose thoughtless actions leads to his being banished from the other-worldly realm of Asgard. Down on Earth, the blonde titan encounters a young scientist (Natalie Portman) and begins to develop a fondness for the human race. All the while, his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) rises to power and hatches a sinister plan that soon forces Thor to rise again as a defender of humanity.

While this French theatrical preview for the film partly boils down to a truncated version of the second U.S. trailer for Thor, it does contain a few new snazzy shots of CGI creatures and the glistening palaces of Asgard. Plus, it’s rather amusing to hear how the foreign language voice actors’ style differs from that of the original cast members.

Check out the French Thor trailer (via Ciné below:

Director Kenneth Branagh’s attempts to make Thor more accessible to general audiences look to have worked well so far (the bit where Thor smashes his coffee cup makes me chuckle), but there’s still concern that the film could go overboard with the “hip” humor – a la Kat Dennings making a Facebook reference. That doesn’t look to be the case so far, which is definitely a good thing.

The idea that the Marvel film universe will remain rooted in the science fiction and not fantasy genre has seemingly been put to the test in Thor. It appears as though the Asgardians are going to be explained as being (in essence) extraterrestrials whose advanced abilities led our ancestors to perceive them as gods, capable of magic. Perhaps that’s why the newest Thor posters have emphasized that its title character is still the “God of Thunder” – to prevent moviegoers from becoming too confused.

Thor kicks off the Summer 2011 movie season and hits U.S. theaters on May 6th.

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