Odin Unhappy With His Son Thor's Performance?

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[For director Kenneth Branagh's response to these rumors, GO HERE.]

At the end of every year we at Screen Rant put up a list of our most anticipated films for the upcoming year. Last year’s list topped off with Marvel’s superhero sequel, Iron Man 2, in the number one spot. I have a feeling that when we do the list for the upcoming 2011 movie season, Marvel’s next major superhero film, Thor, will be on the top of the list.

Everyone involved in this film should be super pumped about starring in it. With the exception of Ghost Rider and Punisher, almost all of Marvel’s attempts to bring its characters from page to screen have worked (some will argue that Daredevil was a fail, but I liked it).

Just like Iron Man, Thor should have at least 2 movies and the character will appear in at least 2 Avengers films. That’s a lot of guaranteed work, even for the 2nd tier characters in the film; so all parties involved should be having a great time filming, right?

Not according to a “spy” on the set of the film that recently dropped a line to the New York Daily News claiming that the great Sir Anthony Hopkins is extremely displeased with the way things are progressing on the Thor set and isn’t being shy about sharing his feelings with everyone around him (Dr. Phil would be so proud). According to the Daily News spy:

"Anthony has not tried to hide his disapproval of Chris' acting skills. Chris is definitely the least-experienced actor on set, but he's trying. He respects Anthony a great deal, and it looks like he's trying to grin and bear all of his criticism."

Sounds like “Sir” Anthony may be becoming “Madam” Anthony if he is acting like a spoiled diva. Remember though, this is all from an “insider” and has to be taken with a HUGE grain of salt. Not all of these rumors turn out to be true. When the website Gossip Cop contacted Marvel for a comment regarding the rumored on-set turmoil, Marvel responded by saying it was "100 percent false!" Gossip Cop also got in contact with Stella Hopkins, Sir Anthony's wife, who said:

"[The rumor] is a horrific, vile lie and [we] are going to talk to [our] lawyers."

That pretty tells us how much validity there is to the "insider's" information as reported by the NY Daily News. To be honest, I am more inclined to listen to what Hopkin's wife says than I am his or the studio's reps. I'm not sure what a lawyer can do to stop news sites from reporting alleged rumors but good luck to them. I really can't see a seasoned professional actor like Hopkins giving his opinion on a co-worker in public though, especially a young actor like Chris Hemsworth.

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