Thor: Ragnarok Director Reveals One Villain Cut From the Film

Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi reveals that he wanted to use the villain Perrikus in the film, but ended up cutting him.

Perrikus would have been another villain that the God of Thunder was supposed to fight off in Thor: Ragnarok, director Taika Waititi shares. Days before North America gets to experience the newest Marvel film, the Chris Hemsworth-led project is already a financial and critical success in all the other territories where the movie has already been released. The film is heralded for its great balance of humor and action as Odinson goes on a journey of self-discovery before he actually steps into the spotlight as the ruler of Asgard.

The movie, while very comedic and full of levity, also highlights Thor's struggle to save Asgard and his people. He has to go through multiple trials brought about by multiple nemeses, such as Surtur and Ragnarok's main antagonist, Hela. Waititi reveals, however, that there was another formidable foe that he was considering earlier for the movie -- Perrikus.


During the promotional rounds for Ragnarok, Waititi, Tom Hiddleston, and Tessa Thompson played a fun game with IGN where the three had to guess whether the word given to them is a name of an IKEA furniture or a Thor villain. While the two actors had some discussions when Perrikus came up, the director was very confident in his answer regarding it being an Odinson foe, belatedly explaining that he was actually in the running to be one of the antagonists in the threequel. Check out the complete clip above.

Created by Dan Jurgens and John Romita Jr. in their relaunch of Thor from the late '90s, Perrikus has a long-standing abhorrence to Asgard and its people after one scout, Lonkar, killed his wife during combat. Dubbed as the God of Unlimited Power and Infinite Energy, he was accidentally freed by Thor and captured Odin to seek revenge for all he has lost.

Perrikus' motive and power have some similarities with Hela - he can smash Mjolnir like the Goddess of Death in the movie and has superhuman strength that rivals that of Thor. Additionally, the two of them were accidentally released from prison by Odin's children. It might be cool to see him come to life on the big screen, especially when his aesthetic alone fits the Jack Kirby-look that Waititi wanted for Ragnarok, but his existence will not offer something significantly new given that Hela basically covers all the main bases. In the end, it was best to keep him on the back burner for now until there's another chance for him to wreak havoc in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With Waititi still interested in moving forward with the MCU via another Thor movie, fans seeing Perrikus come to life on the big screen is not entirely out the picture. The question now is if a fourth standalone movie for the God of Thunder is in the cards for Marvel Studios given that Thor: Ragnarok is dubbed the end of a trilogy. The film company does not seem to have any interest in making more standalones past a third film as presumed in Iron Man's and Captain America's own sub-franchises.


Source: IGN

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