While the God of Thunder may have a burgeoning relationship with Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok, new character Topaz isn’t too fond of the warrior. While many fans are still trying to unpack all of the big reveals from Comic-Con, it’s clear that one of the winner’s of this past weekend was the new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. Not only was it a fun expansion of the story and action that’s been teased so far, but it was one of the most tweeted about topics to come out of the past weekend’s convention.

Part of what makes the film look so unique is a focus on eccentricity and comedy. Though the Thor franchise has always used humor to its advantage, the direction of Taika Waititi has taken things to new levels. We’ve heard that around 80% of Ragnarok was improvised, meaning the comedy will likely be as absurd as the action is epic. But with so many actors in the film not versed in improv, Waititi wisely chose to add plenty of comedic heavy-hitters to the film. Aside from Jeff Goldblum, who’s no stranger to going off book, the director brought in Rachel House to play off of Goldblum as The Grandmaster.

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At San Diego Comic-Con 2017, we were able to talk with House about her character Topaz and what her place is in Ragnarok. Best known for her role in Hunt for the Wilderpeople by Waititi, it looks like House will be bringing her signature deadpan style to the film, acting as the straight person in the face of all the absurdity:

“Well I see her as the Grandmaster’s bodyguard. She’s very protective and doesn’t like when he shows affection towards other people. Yeah. Particularly Valkyrie. She doesn’t like Valkyrie.”

Grandmaster Valkyrie Thor Ragnarok Thor 3: Valkyries Rivalry With Topaz Explained

While it may seem like someone as powerful as the Grandmaster doesn’t need a bodyguard, Topaz will likely act as the person who does the dirty work while the Grandmaster sits back. Naturally, this will cause her to butt heads with Valkyrie when she shows up and starts doing the same. When House was asked whether Topaz liked Valkyrie, she was pretty clear:

“No. Because the Grandmaster is very fond of Valkyrie and its upsetting for Topaz.”

In the comics, Topaz is a minor sorcerer character, so her appropriation in Thor: Ragnarok as an enforcer seems a bit odd. While there’s a chance she could retain some of her abilities from the comics, it sounds as though The Grandmaster is the one with all the power:

“Well I just feel that he has all the power in the whole universe, so he’s very effervescent and he’s old and he stores a whole lot of energy. So I think when you’ve been around that long and you have total authority, what can you do but be happy? And I mean that is Topaz’s role as well is to just calm him down with her standard grumpy miserableness.”

We’ve heard from Waititi that he wants audiences to leave Thor: Ragnarok feeling uplifted, and the interplay between the Grandmaster, Topaz, and others will likely help keep that feeling of irreverence alive. Of course, there will also be plenty of action and spectacle, as both trailers have shown. In the end, Thor: Ragnarok may just prove to be one of Marvel’s better examples of balancing action with humor.

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