Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Gets the Sweded Treatment

Ahead of the release of Thor: Ragnarok this fall, a group of enterprising fans have given the movie's trailer the Sweded treatment. In just a few more months, Marvel Studios will release its third film of the year. Both Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming have been huge successes, with the latter still on the cusp of premiering in China. So far, all signs point toward Ragnarok being another win for the MCU, as it continually leads in social media buzz following new teasers and trailers.

The latest round of promotion for the film has continued to highlight how the movie will serve as a love letter to comic legend Jack Kirby. This past weekend, Marvel released new footage from Thor 3 that further showcased the gladiator match between Hulk and the God of Thunder. Fans have also been treated to new posters and a recent set of images from the film that tease new plot threads. Likely, a second full trailer will arrive for the film soon. In the meantime, some fans have provided a fun way to re-experience the most recent trailer for the movie.

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Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi used his sizable social media presence to share a new fan-rework of the upcoming film's trailer. Done in the Sweded style from Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind, the project takes a lovingly low-budget approach to the movie.

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Thor: Ragnarok - SWEDED trailer via @YouTube

— Taika Waititi (@TaikaWaititi) August 29, 2017

Fan remakes of trailers are increasingly common, with LEGO, 8-bit, and various animated takes arriving after nearly every major blockbuster trailer. The Sweded style is less common, however. Considering how much comedy and surrealism factor into Be Kind Rewind -- and much of Gondry's work -- it's fitting that this style was used for Thor 3. Like Gondry, Waititi has an idiosyncratic style. Though less surreal, Waititi's absurdist approach works well with the humor used in Gondry's comedy.

There likely won't be much surrealism in Ragnarok, but it will certainly feature plenty of humor and absurdity. Add in the bright color palette, alien worlds, and homages to Kirby, and the film will likely have a trippy aesthetic to go with the franchise's existing fantastical tone. Given that, it's no wonder Waititi was a fan of the trailer.

As a director who has exclusively worked on indie films before joining with Marvel, Waititi also likely appreciates the effort the group put into the trailer. Though it's simple, it clearly took a lot of time and effort. Hopefully, as much care and passion will go into Thor: Ragnarok.

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Source: Taika Waititi

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