Thor: Ragnarok's Trailer Song Helped Taika Waititi Get Hired

Thanks to a strong sense of how Thor: Ragnarok would look and sound, Taika Waititi was able to blow away Marvel and land the directing job. Over the next few weeks, Thor: Ragnarok will arrive in the U.K., U.S., and a number of other territories. Currently, it's benefitting from heaps of online buzz, positive early reactions, and Marvel's built-in credibility at the box office. But on paper, the third Thor film seemed like it could be a risky proposition.

While both previous Thor films did well enough at the box office, they're some of Marvel's lower earners. Thor: The Dark World was also lambasted by many for its plodding story and uninspiring villains. As such, anticipation wasn't exactly high for a third outing even before eccentric comedy director Taika Waititi signed on for Thor: Ragnarok. That all changed with the first teaser trailer for the film, however, which quickly took the Internet by storm with its unique aesthetic, exciting new characters, and, of course, its pitch-perfect song choice.

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During the press junket for Thor: Ragnarok, Kevin Feige was asked about the usage of 'Immigrant Song' by Led Zeppelin in that first look at the film. According to the Marvel Studios president, the selection actually echoed back to Waititi's pitch for the movie:

"Filmmakers sometimes will say, using clips of other movies, ‘Here’s what I have in mind.’ And sometimes they’re not good. Most of the times, they’re okay. His was amazing, and was scored to that Led Zeppelin song. So from the beginning, that song kind of defined what Taika was going to do with this. That it’s in the trailer, that it’s in the film - all from that first meeting, and from one of his first instincts of this movie, is very impressive."

When it comes to pitching your vision for a film, it can sometimes be hard to truly sell it. However, this isn't the first time we've heard that a Marvel director landed the job from an impressive presentation. Though there's no telling what footage Waititi used for his pitch, it's clear that 'Immigrant Song' helped to sell his idea for the soft reboot of the Thor franchise - and it's easy to see why.

Aside from the elements of Norse mythology in the song, its epic nature and the nostalgic feelings it evokes helped to immediately bring audiences into what Waititi was attempting to do with the film. The track also perfectly fits with the '70s/'80s aesthetic of the movie, from the logo to the colorful fantasy elements; and the slow motion scenes of Hela posing and the Valkyries attacking look like airbrush paintings on the side of a van brought to life. All told, it's hard to imagine a more perfect song for not just Ragnarok but the Thor franchise as a whole. Still, it took Waititi's foresight to know how well it would work in the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok.

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