Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Gets An Animated Parody Video

The trailer for Marvel's upcoming Thor: Ragnarok has been given the animated parody treatment in a new video. The film, which comes out later this year, is the third in the Thor franchise for the MCU, and promises something a little bit different for fans. After two darker films (relatively speaking), Thor: Ragnarok bumps up the comedy for superhero fans, with a movie that goes galactic, and features both Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo).

The teaser trailer for the film was released in April, and brought with it a whole range of great moments for fans, including Thor vs Hulk in gladiatorial combat. The trailer broke the record for most-viewed Marvel/Disney trailers ever, and was overall incredibly well-received by MCU fans. Now, a new version of the trailer has been created -- an animated parody.

The new trailer was created by the guys at AOK, a comedy channel specializing in animation and geekery. At just over two minutes long, the video, titled 'Thor Ragnarok Trailer Song', is  just about the same length as the original, although the content is obviously quite different. It's also set to Led Zepplin's 'The Immigrant Song', although the lyrics have been re-written as Thor-specific ones (sung by Ben Wickham).

This new song references a few different things from the Thor franchise and what fans can expect from the new movie. From complimenting Cate Blanchett to reminding viewers that Hulk and Thor didn't appear in Captain America: Civil War, it's packed with in-jokes and references, and even features an animated Stan Lee cameo. Director Taika Waititi also gets a mention for his comedic background, after an appearance by Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), who was confirmed to be appearing in the film back in January.

The parody video is a really fun send-up of the trailer, and parody fans are sure to enjoy this version of the iconic rock ballad as well. For more casual fans, the video also does a pretty solid job of giving some background on what's going on with the film in terms of the basic plot -- especially the inclusion of Dr. Strange, who doesn't appear in the teaser trailer.

While the parody doesn't intend to directly replicate the original, it would still have been nice to see the final scene re-made in animation, as Thor sees Hulk is his opponent, and shocks the arena with his reaction. A fantastic scene that quickly became a fan-favorite, this would have been the perfect finishing touch on this cute parody animation.

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Source: AOK

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