Chris Hemsworth Explains 'What is Ragnarok'? in New Video

The latest promotional video for Thor: Ragnarok features the cast explaining what the film's subtitle is all about. Few could have expected that Taika Waititi boarding the third Thor film would lead to one of Marvel Studios' biggest hits yet. With the film arriving in international markets this weekend, however, Thor: Ragnarok is set for a massive global opening. When it hits domestic theaters next week, meanwhile, Thor 3 is estimated to earn over $100 million.

It's not just financial success that will greet Thor: Ragnarok, as critics have been praising the film for everything from its visuals to its ensemble. Early reviews have also made it clear that Waititi's humorous touch rivals James Gunn's work on the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Regardless of where Thor: Ragnarok ranks at the box office or with critics in the MCU canon, the movie is destined to be one of the biggest hits of the year. Still, audiences may be more than a little curious what the 'Ragnarok' means in the title of Thor 3—so the stars of the film are here to help.

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The Marvel Studios Twitter posted a new video that features Chris Hemsworth attempting to explain the history of Ragnarok in Norse mythology. But before he can get far, Mark Ruffalo arrives to tell the star that Cate Blanchett has things covered.

#Thorsday 101 – What is Ragnarok?

— Marvel Studios (@MarvelStudios) October 26, 2017

Though Hemsworth looks as if he's about to do a deep dive into Norse mythology and how it relates to Thor in the comics, the video quickly turns to Blanchett pitching the idea of Ragnarok as if it's a hot new brand. Things quickly turn dark, however, as more of the true nature of the Norse cycle of death and rebirth creeps into the description.

Once Blanchett goes full Goddess of Death in the promo, we get some quick shots of scenes from Thor: Ragnarok. Most exciting is the first one, which offers another look at Surtur. In the comics, he and Hela are both a big part of Ragnarok. It's not clear how the powerful villain will factor into the movie, but we do know the Hulk will be going up against him. Fans have long wanted to see Surtur show up in the MCU, so hopefully his appearance in Thor: Ragnarok isn't a brief one.

The promo ends with Ruffalo, fearful of Blanchett's turn, claiming that he thought the film was a comedy. The whole thing is a rather tongue-in-cheek bit of marketing, perfectly inline with the sensibilities of the film. The final moment is even a nice meta touch, highlighting how the epic action film has been promoted as a comedy more than anything else. As the early reviews for Thor: Ragnarok have made clear, however, it's got just as much spectacle as it does laughs.

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Source: Marvel Studios Twitter

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