Thor: Ragnarok Photographer Reveals Taika Waititi's Korg Mo-Cap Suit

The official photographer of Thor: Ragnarok, Jasin Boland, shares a photo of the threequel's director, Taika Waititi wearing the mo-cap suit for Korg during the film's production. While most of us credit Waititi for breathing fresh air into the rather dull Marvel sub-franchise, his contributions to the movie go beyond directing. He also played Korg, arguably the breakout character in the MCU this year, with the massive yet soft-spoken rock character helping Thor get out of Sakaar and save the people of Asgard.

Joining the ranks of Jon Favreau as a Marvel director who also appears in his movie, Waititi made a name for himself as an actor by playing the Kronan character Thor first met in Sakaar before battling the Hulk. Due to the juxtaposition of his imposing physique and his mellow voice, not to mention his funny quips, Korg quickly became a fan-favorite. Now, we get to know how the filmmaker brought Odinson's newfound ally to life via a behind-the-scenes snap.


The photo was posted on Boland's official Twitter account featuring the famed director suited up and even sporting the dots on his face for facial tracking. Waititi, who retweeted Boland's post, belatedly shared that the suit was actually the one Don Cheadle uses when playing War Machine, which makes sense given that the two seems to have similar physique. Check out the photo below:

Ever wonder how #korg was born? @taikawaititi @markruffalo @chrishemsworth #cateblanchett #chrishemsworth @twhiddleston @karlurban @tessamaethompson @jeffgoldblum @idriselba @marvelstudios @anthonyhopkins @thorragnarokofficial @marvel #mcu @nikonaustralia @nikonusa

— Jasin boland (@jasinboland) November 22, 2017

This wasn't the only mo-cap suit Waititi wore while also directing the film, as the What We Do In the Shadows helmer also served as a stand-in for Mark Ruffalo's Hulk when the actor wrapped up and some pick-up shots still needed to be done. We don't know, however, if Waititi also wore different suits when playing two more characters in the movie -- one of the three-headed aliens named Haju, as well as, fire demon Surtur who actor Clancy Brown voiced.

Dubbed "man-canceling" by Ruffalo, who literally lives in a similar suit in every Marvel film in order to bring the Hulk to life, it does not look like Waititi is having any problems by sporting a skin-tight checkered onesie with an attached Korg face prop. After all, the man has some pretty bold choices when it comes to fashion, even confidently donning a pineapple printed ensemble earlier this year at San Diego Comic-Con, which obviously turned people's heads. So it is safe to say that wearing the mo-cap suit did not affect his directing skills whatsoever.

With Marvel already laying the grounds for Korg (and his side-kick Miek) to appear in future films, Waititi will be once again donning the mo-cap suit sooner than later. This is the despite the fact that it might take a while longer before he once again helms a movie from the MCU granted that the slate is full through 2019. Having said that, the idea that he will still be a part of the film series even after his days of directing, much like Favreau, is something that fans can look forward given the man's exuberant personality, not to mention great promoting skills.


Source: Jason Boland

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