Watch Thor: Ragnarok Director Taika Waititi’s Hilarious Gag Reel

Taika Waititi offers a glimpse of the hilarious life on set of Thor: Ragnarok in a new gag reel. Marvel Studios needed a change atop the Thor franchise in order to reinvent the series. The first two films were acceptable, but far from Marvel's best, so they adapted. To suit Chris Hemsworth's natural comedic senses, he was paired up with Taika Waititi as the third director in his solo franchise. After two Shakespearean approaches, Waititi went full comedy - and the end results showed that was the right move.

Ragnarok is without a doubt the biggest Thor film, not only at the box office, but also in terms of the enjoyment factor. The new worlds and characters introduced by Waititi opened the door for what this franchise could actually be. The bigger ensemble, colorful look, bigger action, and great humor shined through. Much of that is thanks to Waititi's vision and own tendencies. If you thought the movie overall or him as Korg was funny, though, his gag reel is something else.

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JoBlo shared a new gag reel (featured at the top of this post) for Thor: Ragnarok that may as well be a Waititi special. Starting off with a cover of the Marvel Studios intro, Waititi zips through life on set, and hilarity ensues. Whether it is his explanation of the sets or props, his behind-the-scenes antics, or seeing him showing Jeff Goldblum's Grandmaster how to dance, this is truly something to behold.

This video's only real purpose is to generate laughs, and it sure does. Even in the moments that feature cast members sitting down to talk about working with Waititi, the joy that came with this experience is clear. After seeing everything Waititi has done with Thor thus far, it is easy to see why everyone is eager to see more. Even Hemsworth is showing a desire to return after Waititi helped "reboot" the character. Waititi is interested in returning too, and Kevin Feige doesn't want to lose him, so hopefully the wait for more isn't too long.

Waititi's comedic approach to Thor was accepted from day one, and launched one of the best pieces of viral marketing Marvel's ever done with the Team Thor shorts. One more is on the way for the home release of Ragnarok, where this gag reel and surely minutes more of jokes will be too. Since this is only a two minute clip, the digital and Blu-ray versions of Ragnarok are unlikely to disappoint in the extras department. Even if all of the special videos do find a way to not be funny, the film commentary from Waititi could wind up being as funny as the film itself.

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Source: JoBlo

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