Thor: Ragnarok Director Wants to Stick With Thor For Future Marvel Movies

Hulk Thor Valkyrie and Loki in Ragnarok

[Minor Thor: Ragnarok spoilers ahead]

With everyone already talking about when - not if - there will be a sequel to this year's Thor: Ragnarok, has anyone actually thought whether to ask director Taika Waititi if he wants to stick with the God of Thunder for another movie? Well, the sparks seemed to fly on the set of this year's blockbuster, because it sounds like Hemsworth and Waititi aren't done just yet.

Praise is already flooding in for Ragnarok, and as the MCU's highest-rated movie, Kevin Feige is presumably right in his confidence that Marvel will work with Taika Waititi again. However, with so much potential out there, and with so many other characters populating the MCU, fans wouldn't blame Waititi for taking on a challenge to give another one of the Avengers their own solo movie.

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Exclusively speaking to Screen Rant, Waititi unveiled his ambitious plans to go beyond Asgard, and revealed that he is more than happy to stand with the Norse god hero for a little bit longer:

"I’d be open [to other characters] but I think my preference is Thor because I feel like I’m so comfortable with it and we did such hard work recreating these characters in a way where I’m so comfortable with them and sort of in love with them that, yeah, it just feels like the natural place for me to be. Also I just love working with Chris , you know. Haven’t had that much fun working with anyone else. I don’t know really, I don't really even know all the other characters."

Something just clicked between the cast and crew of Thor: Ragnarok, and unafraid to balance the humor and action, Waititi appears to have the Midas touch for superhero movies. It would seem foolish for Marvel and the Hunt for the Wilderpeople director to part ways already, but is Waititi right to just stick with Thor for the foreseeable future?

It wasn't only Thor who got his time to shine in Ragnarok, and Waititi did a brilliant job of expanding the story of the Incredible Hulk. While a Hulk solo film seems off the table for now, if Waititi could work his Ragnarok magic on the Emerald Giant, the possibilities are endless. Given the way in which Ragnarok ended, it set up Hulk/Banner and Thor as the best of buds and the dangerous duo to become the MCU's next Parker and Stark.

Waititi previously said he's interested in directing a Black Widow movie, but he also said that if he were to return to the world of Norse gods, his sequel would be more of a Ragnarok 2 rather than Thor 4. If there is another Thor entry on the horizon for Waititi, it might not be long before we see the Revengers reassembled again. Ragnarok star Tessa Thompson already pitched an all-female ensemble, and who knows what Feige's cryptic plans for Phase 4 and beyond are, All being said, it certainly sounds like Waititi is preparing for hammer time once again and some more of Thor.

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