Thor: Ragnarok to Kickoff Sideshow's Marvel Cinematic Universe Art Series

Sideshow announces a new partnership with Marvel Studios to release fine prints of official artwork from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Thor: Ragnarok will be the first movie in a new series from Sideshow to promote official artwork from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Taika Waititi-directed sequel is already a box office smash overseas and could break $400 million worldwide by the end of its first weekend after it hits theaters in North America. Sideshow, meanwhile, continues to distribute Hot Toys collectibles and has introduced a typically lifelike series of sixth-scale figures from the movie.

That won't be the only partnership between Marvel Studios and Sideshow. The latter has announced a new series of fine prints featuring official artwork from the MCU, giving fans a chance to buy prints of actual concept art and keyframes from movies throughout the mega-franchise. Ragnarok has been revealed as the inaugural movie to take part.

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Sideshow revealed its newest partnership with Marvel through its official website on Wednesday, including the first look at a fine print of the hotly anticipated Thor vs. Hulk battle on the planet Sakaar. The series got official endorsements from Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding and Visual Development Supervisor Andy Park. The latter drew the first artwork to be released in the series, a piece of concept art from Thor and Hulk's gladiatorial battle that served as the sequel's D23 promotional poster. Check out a preview image below:

Measuring 18 inches by 24 inches, only 400 copies of the print will be made and each will be hand-signed by Park. They will be available for pre-order for $285 starting on Nov. 17, and if any are left after that, additional unframed copies will be available for pre-order starting Nov. 20 for $125. There will also be a "custom designer frame option" for collectors who order the print.

Describing his approach to the artwork, Park said he "wanted to capture this iconic battle in a way that shows off each character in the strongest way," and depicted the fight in a fashion that "doesn’t spell out who actually has the advantage." Thor: Ragnarok trailers and other previews depict what looks like a fairly even battle, but also hint that Thor fibs to Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) about who really won. It's clear that the scene will be one of Ragnarok's biggest set pieces, and fans of the movie who collect concept art will almost certainly want to get their hands on one of these fine prints.

Of course, the artwork is pricey and quite limited based on the details of this initial release. There will be many interested fans and collectors who simply won't be able to hang these pieces on their walls. But that likely wouldn't take away from Thor: Ragnarok's potential to be one of the most enjoyable MCU releases yet.

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Source: Sideshow

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