Thor: Ragnorok Set Video Teases Hela’s Stunts

Hela concept art for Thor Ragnarok

Marvel Studios' 2016 slate has come to a close now that Doctor Strange has hit theaters. So far, Marvel has released two films every year, but as the studio's schedule grows and its output continues to dominate at the box office, the plans to meet the demand for more movies now calls for three films each year. Things will kickoff in 2017 with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, followed by Spider-Man: Homecoming, while Thor: Ragnarok will bring the year to a close.

While both Guardians 2 and Spider-Man have very high profiles right now, Ragnarok could prove to be the most unique film of the bunch. Marvel has brought on Taika Waititi to direct the cosmic road-trip and has given him quite the ensemble at his disposal, including Cate Blanchett. The two-time Academy Award-winner is playing the villain Hela, and while filming on the movie has already wrapped, a new set video showcases some impressive stunts that the character will be involved in.

The set video comes courtesy of YouTuber bigfootkam, who was able to get within camera distance of the set over the summer in Australia. Unfortunately, the video does not show Blanchett herself performing the stunts. Instead, it offers those interested a chance to see famed stunt performer Zoe Bell as she leaps and twirls on a set filled with blue screens that will inevitably become Asgard.

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Thor: Ragnarok with Chris Hemsworth now filming

It is quite surprising that the video leaked at this time, but it could give audiences a hint at the level of physicality involved in the role. This may very well be part of Hela's arrival to Asgard in her attempt to overthrow Odin (who is really Loki) as the ruler of the realm. Even if this is not the case, Hela leaping and spinning like this suggests that she will be more than capable of holding her own in a fight -- possibly even against the mighty Asgardians.

Much of Hela's plan continues to remain a mystery for now, but early reports suggest it involves the banishment of Thor, and possibly even his adopted brother Loki. It is believed those circumstances  will lead them to search for the real Odin on their adventure. What drives Hela to want to rule Asgard remains to be seen, but it should provide quite the conflict for the heroes. Based on the video alone, once Thor and others return to Asgard, they could have their hands full trying to stop this new villain.

Source: bigfootkam

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