Thor: Ragnarok Writer Was Intimidated Writing For Cate Blanchett

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead For Thor: Ragnarok


Eric Pearson, writer of Marvel Studios' latest smash Thor: Ragnarok, claims that the thought of writing for Hollywood star Cate Blanchett was a somewhat intimidating prospect. The third solo entry in Thor's MCU canon has proved to be a financial and critical success thus far, with Taika Waititi's more comedic take on the God of Thunder providing a breath of fresh air in a movie that also incorporated franchise stalwarts Tom Hiddleston's Loki, Mark Ruffalo's Hulk and a host of fascinating new characters like Valkyrie, Skurge and, of course, the voice of the revolution, Korg.

A significant part of Ragnarok's success can also be attributed to Cate Blanchett's turn as the villainous Goddess of Death, Hela. Thor's biological sister proved to be a formidable foe throughout the movie, with a genuinely threatening demeanor and a backstory that inspired a certain level of sympathy from viewers.

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Although Blanchett's casting proved to be a popular decision, it also seemingly provided an extra level of challenge for Thor: Ragnarok writer, Eric Pearson. In an interview with THR, Pearson stated:

"The toughest character to write had to be Hela. I think there is a built-in intimidation factor of it being Cate Blanchett, who I would say at the very least is tied with a couple of others for the best in the world... Hela was the one that took the most work and probably that I felt most insecure about until we got it into the shape we got it in. I really wanted Cate Blanchett to be happy with her role. As intimidated as I couldn't help but be, she was an unbelievably sweet, fun great person to be around.... I don't want to give up the impression that she's aloof or intimidating. I was just intimidated on my own."

Thor: Ragnarok may have been a star-studded affair but as arguably the most widely lauded cast member in terms of acting and reputation, it's understandable that the task of writing a character for Cate Blanchett may be a somewhat intimidating prospect. Happily, however, it appears that the actress herself only contributed to the relaxed, feel-good on-set atmosphere that several of the movie's actors have claimed played a huge part in Ragnarok's more light-hearted tone.

If Pearson did feel an extra notch of pressure writing the character of Hela, it certainly didn't show in the finished product. The character is a wonderfully realized, three-dimensional role that far outshines many of the MCU's single-movie villains and although she may have suffered defeat at the hands of Thor and his pals, many fans would likely be more than happy for Blanchett's Hela to make a return someday.

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Source: THR

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