Thor: Ragnarok Is Now Certified Fresh

Thor: Ragnarok is now officially Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, garnering the highest score for a Marvel Cinematic Universe film yet.

With 98% of reviewers rating it "Fresh" now, Thor: Ragnarok has been officially Certified Fresh by Rotten Tomatoes. Though the previous two Thor films weren't met with much fanfare, the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok immediately brought a wave of buzz to the upcoming Marvel film. As each new look at the film has arrived, it's been clear that Taika Waititi's idiosyncratic approach to filmmaking is the perfect fit for a cosmic superhero team-up. Sure enough, early reviews for Thor: Ragnarok have been overwhelmingly positive.

Given the strong early buzz Thor: Ragnarok is receiving, it's no wonder that projections for the movie's box office haul are looking strong. Domestically, Thor 3 is set to break $100 million in its opening weekend. Meanwhile, Ragnarok is tracking for a huge global opening starting tomorrow. Given the two week roll out of the film, a full picture of its earnings won't emerge until the end of next week - though the latest news only points to how massive the film's haul will likely be.

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Rotten Tomatoes has confirmed that Ragnarok is now Certified Fresh, with 98% of critics having given the film a positive review at the time of writing this. Out of the 81 top critics who have reviewed the film so far, only 2 have had an overall negative opinion of the move. Along with audience anticipation, the latest news will only help steer the movie towards a massive payday.

Sitting at an impressive 98%, Thor: Ragnarok is now Marvel Studios' best-reviewed film, according to the aggregator. The first Iron Man now holds the number two spot, with a 94%. Of course, as more reviews continue to roll in for the film, this could all change. Spider-Man: Homecoming fluctuated a great deal in the lead-up to its release, and Thor: Ragnarok has already bounced up and down some in just the past few days. Still, it seems clear the film will wind up as one of the most critically acclaimed films in the MCU canon.

As for the negative reviews, they're clearly few and far between. And at least one of them may be somewhat personal, according to Waititi. Earlier today, the Thor: Ragnarok director tweeted out how one of the negative reviews comes from someone who's disparaged all of Waititi's work, so the bad press doesn't come as a surprise. All things considered, Thor: Ragnarok looks to have far outstripped Marvel's expectations and improve the chance that Waititi will continue to work with the studio.

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Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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