The latest praise for Thor: Ragnarok comes from the mind behind the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Thor has never been the most popular member of the cinematic Avengers, and his two previous films have reflected that. Clearly, however, Marvel were ready for a new direction when they brought Taika Waititi (What We Do in the Shadows) on board to tackle the third film. From the inclusion of Hulk to the first colorful trailer which introduced Cate Blanchett’s Hela, it’s been clear that Ragnarok will be something different.

Ragnarok was already performing strong on social media following its first teaser and its Comic Con trailer only increased the hype behind Marvel’s third film of 2017. But Marvel has so much faith in the movie, they’ve lifted the embargo for critics a month out. That means we’ve been hearing the praises of the film sung all week, which claim Marvel’s wildest and weirdest movie yet is arriving next month. And it looks like some of Marvel’s other directors agree.

James Gunn took to his Facebook to offer his glowing review of Thor: Ragnarok. From claiming it makes his film’s color palette look dull to recalling how he and Jon Favreau couldn’t stop cracking up at Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster, the review really is something to behold.

When the logo for the movie was released, it was clear that Marvel and Waititi were channeling an ’80s sci-fi/fantasy aesthetic. The first teaser continued this vibe, and Gunn makes it clear that the movie reflects what we’ve seen so far. He also offers yet more confirmation that the film is uncannily funny, offers Hulk his best arc yet, and that Valkyrie and Grandmaster are both standouts.

As for Waititi as Korg, we actually got a taste of his performance earlier today. A new clip from the film showed the Kronan bantering with Thor about weaponry in one of the film’s many improvised moments. And it’s certainly entertaining to hear Waititi’s take on the behemoth’s voice.

As for the Miek Gunn keeps referencing, that would be a Sakaarian Native (the name of the species) who was pulled from the Planet Hulk story alongside Korg. It seems clear that, like they did with Gunn, Marvel allowed Waititi to run wild in the Thor and Hulk universe to pull out all the wildest cosmic elements he could find. As a result, Thor: Ragnarok looks like it could well be one of the MCU’s best films yet.

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Source: James Gunn

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