Thor: Ragnarok Video Explains The Revengers

The latest promo for Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok features the stars of the film discussing the epic team-up known as The Revengers.

The latest promo for Thor: Ragnarok showcases the Asgardian Avenger's team of "Revengers" and the actors who play them. This weekend sees the third Thor solo outing premiere internationally, and also represents the first time Marvel Studios has debuted three features in a single year. Already, critics are hailing Thor: Ragnarok as one of the best chapters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to stunning visuals and the signature humor of director Taika Waititi. Thanks to the positive buzz, Thor: Ragnarok is tracking for a massive global opening before it hits North America, China, and Japan next week.

Things, of course, won’t be slowing down when Thor: Ragnarok releases wide. China and Japan will give the film a huge boost, with Thor 3 estimated to hit $100 million domestically in its opening weekend. By conventional metrics, the Thor series has performed relatively well at the box office but has remained on the lower end of the MCU scale. They’ve also never benefited from high critical acclaim, meaning Thor: Ragnarok will be breaking new ground when it arrives. 

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Marvel released a new promo for Thor: Ragnarok featuring Waititi and the film’s stars discussing the unusual and unexpected team-up between Thor, Loki, Hulk, and newcomer Valkyrie. We’ve seen the dynamic between the God of Thunder and the jade giant before, but Thor: Ragnarok offers something different. As Mark Ruffalo points out in the video, he’ll not only be playing Banner off of the team, but a very different take on the Hulk who's been off-world since the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Hulk Thor Valkyrie and Loki in Ragnarok

The dynamic between Hulk/Banner and Loki should also be interesting. The last time they had an encounter, Hulk smashed Loki around like a ragdoll. How will the somewhat more mature Hulk react to the puny god? Even more entertaining to watch will be Banner and Loki’s interactions, given what both know about the other.

Finally, Valkyrie is the brand-new piece of the puzzle and from the early reactions to the film, the standout star. We know she’ll share a lot in common with Thor in terms of personality, and the God of Thunder will even be something of a fanboy for the elite warrior who we learned on set represents Odin's "special ops" fighting force. And given everything we know about Valkyrie, she’s likely to see right through any of Loki’s schemes.

While the Revengers may be an unofficial sort of team, they’ll still provide a fascinating new dynamic for this corner of the MCU. It also seems that each of the characters will be returning for Avengers: Infinity War, so we’ll get a chance to see how they stack up against the Avengers themselves. Of course, that’s if they make it out of Thor: Ragnarok without wanting to kill each other.

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