Here's Why Topaz Doesn't Like Valkyrie In Thor: Ragnarok

Rachel House has had an extensive amount of work throughout the years, having been an actor in numerous theatrical productions as well as films and television shows like Whale Rider, White Lies, and Disney’s Moana. It was revealed at the Marvel panel at San Diego Comic Con 2017 that she would be portraying the role of Topaz in Thor: Ragnarok.

Screen Rant got a chance to talk to Rachel House at SDCC, where we discussed her character Topaz in Thor: Ragnarok and asked her about the Grandmaster.

What can you tell us about Topaz because this is the first time we have heard this news?

Rachel House: Well I see her as the Grandmaster’s bodyguard. She’s very protective and doesn’t like when he shows affection towards other people. Yeah. Particularly Valkyrie. She doesn’t like Valkyrie.

She doesn’t like Valkyrie?

Rachel House: No. Because the Grandmaster is very fond of Valkyrie and its upsetting for Topaz.

Let’s talk about the Grandmaster and Topaz. It seems like the Grandmaster is having a lot of fun. It seems that way, but what are the real motivations behind those playful eyes?

Rachel House: Well I just feel that he has all the power in the whole universe, so he’s very effervescent and he’s old and he stores a whole lot of energy. So I think when you’ve been around that long and you have total authority, what can you do but be happy? And I mean that is Topaz’s role as well is to just calm him down with her standard grumpy miserableness.

Anything with your character in relation to the Collector?

Rachel House: I can’t say.

Hm. You can’t say anything at all? Just a little bit?

Rachel House: No.

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