Thor: Ragnarok's All-Star Cast Assembles On New Poster

Thor: Ragnarok has gotten another poster that assembles together the all-star cast for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movie installment. The third solo film for Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder is set to shake up the MCU with a new look for Thor, a new career in gladiatorial combat for The Incredible Hulk and a new villain in Cate Blanchett's Hela, the Goddess of Death.

The trailers and promotional materials for Ragnarok have set it apart from other entries in the MCU (and even the other Thor films) with a colorful, neon-accented palette. That trend continues with the new poster for Australia and New Zealand that has been now released online by Marvel.

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The new poster has all of the film's main characters striking heroic poses. The God of Thunder himself is front and center, but Hela and Gladiator Hulk are also prominently featured. Also on the poster (see below) are Heimdall (Idris Elba), Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum).

Thor Ragnarok Australia Poster

There isn't a lot of new information to be gleaned from the poster, thanks to the trailers we've seen so far. Heimdall appears ready for action, brandishing the same sword we see him use in the trailers. Loki is poised to strike with daggers, and although the previews suggest he and Thor are uneasy allies in the film, it wouldn't be surprising to see one of those daggers eventually lodged in his brother's back (figuratively or literally).

We also get a rare glimpse of Odin, who has been missing since the events of Thor: The Dark World. In that film, Loki fakes his own death and then assumes his father's identity as the ruler of Asgard, presumably after stashing the real Odin away somewhere. We already knew that Odin would return in Ragnarok, though the manner of that return (and the state of his relationship with his adopted son Loki) remains to be seen. It's also notable that Hulk is wearing his gladiator gear on the poster. The big green guy will likely discard that gear after his arena fight with Thor, but it's a cool and unique look for the character so it's no surprise it's featured in previously-released Ragnarok posters too.

The new poster is just one more reason for fans to eagerly anticipate Ragnarok's arrival at their local movie theater. With the fate of Asgard and two Avengers hanging in the balance, the film will have a big impact on the wider MCU.

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Source: Marvel

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