Kevin Feige Confirms [SPOILER] In the Thor: Ragnarok Credits Scene



Yes, that is the Thanos' ship looming on the smaller one the people of Asgard are aboard by the end of Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel boss, Kevin Feige confirms. The God of Thunder's latest solo outing is finally out in theaters, giving fans the opportunity to see what Ragnarok brings to the comic book movie table. As always with Marvel films, there are a couple of post-credits stingers, and for those who are still unsure what the mid-credit scene means, we can now definitively say that that massive ship is indeed the base station of the feared mad Titan.

Marvel has been teasing Thanos for several years now, but we haven't seen anything from him in previous films besides sitting smugly in his space throne and putting on an Infinity Stone-less Infinity Gauntlet. We know he has been tapping the services of third-party executors like Ronan that Accuser and even Loki, but both minions have failed to help him achieve his goal of rounding up the mystical gems. As we slowly inch our way into his much-anticipated appearance in next year's Avengers: Infinity War, he finally takes matters into his own hands and hints of what he is planning to do are teased in Ragnarok.


Speaking to The Wrap while promoting the Taika Waititi-directed project, Feige officially confirmed it is Thanos' ship looking to probably draw Thor's smaller one in the end of Ragnarok“We call it the Sanctuary II,” the exec told the media outlet, using the name of the supervillain's starship base in the comic books. Created by Jim Starlin, we have already had glimpses of the interior of the space station in scenes that featured the purple titan in the first Avengers film, as well as, in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Asgard's fate has already been uncertain since the arrival of Hela, but bringing them in contact with Thanos and possibly the Black Order only makes their future bleaker. At this point, we do not know what the villain plans to do to them or where they are going to end up after, but with two Avengers (Thor and Hulk) and possibly one Infinity Stone (the space gem, if Loki did take the Tesseract) cooped up in Sanctuary II with the mad Titan, it'll be interesting to see how things will pan out inside the space station. The D-23/San Diego Comic-Con-exclusive sizzle reel for Infinity War sees Thor floating in space until he crash lands on the Milano and eventually meets the Guardians of the Galaxy -- a pivotal link as to how the cosmic fighters will get roped in on the Avengers imminent face-off with Thanos. But we're uncertain just how he ended up unconscious and outside a ship.

With a more contained story in Black Panther, it makes sense that Marvel ties Infinity War more to Thor: Ragnarok, after all, Feige has previously said that the trilogy capper will directly spill into the Russo brothers' culminating project.


Source: The Wrap 

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