Thor: Ragnarok Set Photos Reveal Exiled Odin

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By the conclusion of Thor: The Dark World, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) had succeeded in once again taking up the throne of Asgard and getting his adopted brother - the true Odinson (Chris Hemsworth) - out of the way and back on Earth (again). Except this time it was in disguise as Odin (Anthony Hopkins), the true ruler of the realm.

So if Loki is pretending to be Odin, where is the real Odin and what has he been up to? Well, he's in Brisbane, Australia. Or more accurately, he's in New York during Thor: Ragnarok.

That's right, Odin was seemingly exiled by Loki to Midgard (our measly world) where he's living out life as a homeless crazed man we'd assume. This is a potential nod to the Ultimates version of Thor, who was introduced as an Earth man who many didn't believe had godly powers. It also looks like Hopkins as Odin is having a grand 'ol time for the paparazzi.

The following shots were nabbed by Brisbane photographer Gleen Hunt who even had the stars pose and wave for the camera:

#ChrisHemsworth @ChrisHemsworth and #TomHiddleston @Twhiddleston #filming #Thor in #Brisbane, #Australia. #photojournalism #AustralianPhotographer #BrisbanePhotographer #paparazzi !! ©Glenn Hunt/Fairfax Media

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#AnthonyHopkins #filming #Thor in #Brisbane, #Australia. #photojournalism #AustralianPhotographer #BrisbanePhotographer #paparazzi !! ©Glenn Hunt/Fairfax Media

A photo posted by Glenn Hunt (@glennhuntphoto) on

#ChrisHemsworth @ChrisHemsworth #filming #Thor in #Brisbane, #Australia. #photojournalism #AustralianPhotographer #BrisbanePhotographer #paparazzi !! ©Glenn Hunt/Fairfax Media

A photo posted by Glenn Hunt (@glennhuntphoto) on


Set photos from the public shooting locations all week long have teased that Thor: Ragnarok will have at least a few scenes on Earth in New York, revealing NY taxis and an ambulance, and an Easter Egg (a very intentional marketing photo release) teasing a certain other important New York Avenger.

What's particularly interesting about these New York scenes is how it involves Loki and Thor together, in casual human clothing, seeking out Odin. Have they reunited for a greater cause during or post-Ragnarok? Is Loki a little more hero than villain now and trying to make amends? How will Odin deal with more Loki treachery or is there a greater threat imminent...

Share your thoughts and theories in the comments!

Side note: While Thor 3 is shooting in Australia, we spent the day on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming in Atlanta - which is similarly recreating locations of Queens, New York. Stay tuned for more on what we learned by the end of the year!

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Source: Glenn Hunt

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