Thor: Ragnarok – New Logo Possibly Revealed

Thor: Ragnarok logo and characters

As the release date for Thor: Ragnarok draws ever closer, more details are coming about the film that's said to have reverberations throughout the Marvel Universe. So far, it is known the film will feature a cameo by the future Sorcerer Supreme, following up the God of Thunder's house call during the end credits of Doctor Strange. It was also recently confirmed that director Taika Waititi will have a small role in the film, joining Hunt for the Wilderpeople star Sam Neill's appearance. Besides that, the most solid information is that Loki will be back and Thor will be joined on his intergalactic road trip by the Hulk.

With the movie's November premiere still a ways off, it's a good bet that photos, casting announcements, and the first teaser will be rolling in soon. For now, there's only been one official photo from the set, but hopefully some shots of Asgardian's strongest warriors will be on their way shortly. In the meantime, a newly discovered image may tease some more inspiration for the film besides Walt Simonson's classic run of Thor comics.

Artistswork (via CBM) shared an image on Twitter of a shirt given to the art department of Thor: Ragnarok that features a somewhat different logo from the more '80s-inspired one hat has been used over the past year or so.

THOR: RAGNAROK Gets An Updated Logo Seemingly Inspired By The Work Of Jack Kirby

— (@artistinfrance) February 1, 2017

Even more interesting is the mind-bending graphic under the logo. It immediately brings to mind the art of Jack Kirby, one of the key artists who helped construct much of Marvel's pantheon. Kirby's art was also the basis for many of the trippier magic and interdimensional scenes in Doctor Strange. Perhaps the success of that film has emboldened Marvel and director Taiki Waititi to up the weird factor for Thor: Ragnarok.

It's been established that Waititi will bring his signature sense of humor to the movie, so some reality distorting visuals would make for a very different Thor film from what's been previously seen. Given the success of irreverent space romps like Guardians of the Galaxy, though, and recent comic interpretations of Silver Surfer, it's clear that a little absurdity and levity helps ground the otherwise unrelatable action that tends to take place in the cosmos.

We'll keep you posted on whether this turns out to be a new logo for the film and will bring you news on all things Thor: Ragnarok as it emerges.

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Source: Artistswork

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