When Thor: Ragnarok Is Available On Disney+

Sad Thor: Ragnarok isn't on Disney+? That will change next month when Taika Waititi's hit MCU film moves from Netflix to Disney's service.

Thor Ragnarok on Disney Plus

Fans disappointed that Thor: Ragnarok isn't on Disney+ yet won't have to wait long for its release, as it's expected to join the new streaming service in December. Earlier this week, Disney+ launched with a massive content library featuring over 600 titles. However, fans were also quick to note which movies and shows were not included. So far, 16 out of 23 MCU films are up, including this year's Avengers: EndgameWhile the previous two Thor films are already available, Ragnarok has yet to be included.

Upon its release in 2017, Ragnarok was widely praised as the best Thor film, with some even including it among the best MCU films in general. The previous films in the franchise have often been criticized by fans for their poorly developed supporting cast, jumbled plots and, in the case of Thor: The Dark World, its underwhelming villainRagnarok was seen as a breath of fresh air, mainly thanks to director Taika Waititi's vision and humor. While the film has its flaws, many fans are still quick to sing Ragnarok's praises and were thrilled to hear the God of Thunder has been granted a fourth film, Thor: Love and Thunderto be released on November 5, 2021.

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Considering Ragnarok's popularity, it may be a little surprising the film isn't on Disney+ yet. However, this is because it is still available on Netflix as a result of the old deal between Disney and its now-rival streaming service. Once Ragnarok leaves Netflix, it will be on Disney+, and there is already a date set for Ragnarok's Disney+ debut: December 5, 2019. That leaves less than a month before Disney+ subscribers will be able to admire Thor using his lighting powers to destroy an undead army as "Immigrant Song" plays in the background.

Thor: Love and Thunder is still two years away, and for fans desperate to make the wait go by faster, rewatching Ragnarok is the perfect solution. Waititi is already confirmed to return as director, and this time around he is also writing the script. Chris Hemsworth will again play Thor, and Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie will be seen stepping into her new role as the leader of Asgard. Also confirmed to return, for the first time since The Dark World, is Natalie Portman as Jane Foster. She will be portraying the female Thor version of Jane from the comics.

Also starring Tom Hiddleston, Mark Ruffalo, and Cate Blanchett, Ragnarok is definitely one of the more fun MCU entries, flaws and all. Its humor is one of the best things about it, but is also detrimental at times, with some fans expressing their dislike of how the comedy sometimes undermines the seriousness of certain moments. Regardless of how one feels about the humor, a part of the film that is especially praised is Thor's characterization. Fans, and even Hemsworth himself, have expressed disappointment over how Thor was depicted over the years. Ragnarok allows the hero to lean into his comedic side while also forcing him into his most challenging places yet when he loses his father, his hammer, and even one of his eyes. Until Love and Thunder's release in 2021, fans can enjoy Ragnarok over and over, either on Netflix now or Disney+ next month.

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