Mondo Unveils Electric Thor: Ragnarok Poster

Mondo reveals their brand new Thor: Ragnarok poster from artist Matt Taylor, which will be made available this coming Black Friday.

Thor Ragnarok Thor Poster Red

For fans who are into the trippy Thor: Ragnarok aesthetic, Mondo has just released a brand new poster, with artwork by artist Matt Taylor, encapsulating the psychedelic look of the film that might just tickle your fancy. Leaning towards the Jack Kirby-esque comic book spreads, Marvel Studios decided to scrap the dark and grim palette of the sub-franchise. While some were initially skeptical of the massive change, it actually worked with what the movie was going for with regard to its tone-shift.

Released earlier this month, the Taika Waititi-directed film was heralded by critics as one of the most fun films from Marvel Studios. Box office-wise, it's still going strong, with a current total haul of more than $700 million, making it the highest grossing outing of the three Thor movies and beating other superhero films like Wonder Woman and Logan at the international box office.


Today, artist Matt Taylor unveiled the illustration he created for Mondo, posting his work on his Twitter for people to check out before hopefully buying it. The one-sheet features almost every significant character in Ragnarok, with Thor holding a sword front and center. Behind him is his Avengers pal, the Hulk, while Valkyrie is shown riding her signature winged-horse. Hela, on the other hand, is looming in the background sporting an evil smirk on her face. Taylor took the liberty to use a more fluorescent palette compared even to other posters from the film, which only makes the piece more visually stunning. Check it out below:

On sale Black Friday from @MondoNews my Thor: Ragnarok poster. Twelve colors, some of them fluorescent, you should be able to see this thing from SPACE.

— Matt Taylor (@MattTaylorDraws) November 22, 2017

Aside from the electric version, Mondo is also coming out with an orange-and-grey variant for those who want a more subdued look. The 24"x36" primary print will cost $60, while the variant will sell for $80. If you are interested in nabbing either one of the posters, you can check out Mondo's online shop come Black Friday, which is when the artwork will be made available.

Following his journey to self-discovery, while also trying to save Asgard from the event known as Ragnarok, we will find Thor next reuniting with his Avengers teammates in Avengers: Infinity War. But before descending on Earth, it appears that he will have his initial introduction to Thanos, whose ship we saw in the mid-credits scene for Thor: RagnarokHe will then come across the Guardians of the Galaxy, who we know will be roped into the upcoming battle against the Mad Titan. What lies ahead after that for the God of Thunder remains to be seen.


Source: Matt Taylor

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