Thor: Ragnarok Clip - Hela Destroys Thor's Hammer

A new clip from Thor: Ragnarok depicts the moment from the film when Hela destroys Thor's hammer - much to the surprise of the God of Thunder. In just a couple of weeks, Marvel Studios' third and final film of 2017 will hit theaters, and the marketing campaign has long been in full effect. Recently, a number of snippets from the finished project have made their way online, including Hulk basking in the love and adoration of the crowd before his gladiator match against his "friend from work," and Thor lamenting the loss of Mjolnir.

That latter occurrence has long been one of the most heavily-publicized from Ragnarok, first appearing in the initial teaser trailer that debuted back in the spring. Illustrating the immense power of new villain Hela, Goddess of Death, it's easy to see why the hammer's destruction has been such an integral part of the advertising campaign. As the film's premiere draws nearer and nearer, fans now have the opportunity to see a portion of the scene thanks to the release of a fresh clip.

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Debuting on Ellen (hat tip We Got This Covered), the footage sees Thor and Loki facing off against Hela, presumably after the antagonist has invaded Asgard and claimed the realm as her own. In what plays as a homage to General Zod in Superman II, Hela asks the two brothers to kneel before her, which obviously doesn't sit well with them. Thor attempts to take Hela out by throwing Mjolnir at her, but is startled when she is able to catch it in midair. Taunting her opponents by saying, "Darling, you have no idea what's possible," Hela crushes the hammer.

What's interesting here is that once again, Thor and Loki seem to be on the same side of a conflict. When we last saw the God of Mischief at the end of The Dark World, he was impersonating his adoptive father, Odin, finally sitting in Asgard's throne as its king. However, there were numerous responsibilities Loki was woefully unprepared for, and he is responsible for Hela's arrival after failing to keep the threat of her at bay. This would explain why Loki - arguably the most popular MCU villain - is positioned against the Goddess of Death here. He's most likely driven by a need to right some previous wrongs and wants to help Thor defeat Hela (along with Hulk and Valkyrie). Knowing Loki, he may have an ulterior motive at hand and tricks up his sleeve, but that will probably be saved for the film itself.

Besides hinting at the Thor/Loki dynamic in Ragnarok, the clip is also a nice showcase of Cate Blanchett's turn as Hela. Making headlines due to her status as the MCU's first female villain, the Oscar-winner's full performance is one of the most anticipated aspects of the film, hopefully giving the franchise another memorable foe. Villains are commonly the weakest elements in MCU productions, but things have been on an upswing of late following Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and the Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming. With Ragnarok positioned to be yet another winner for Marvel, Hela will ideally make them 3/3 in the villain department as well.

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Source: We Got This Covered

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