14His Father is Actually His Mother

Laufey Loki Father Frost Giant

As we will find out later on, Loki's history is ripe with gender swapping and confusing sexual proclivities. Apparently he inherited all that from his biological father -- or should we say mother. It's tough to say. One thing is for sure, it is no wonder why Loki is so screwed


Though the adopted son of Odin, Marvel's Loki Laufeyson is not actually an Asgardian. His biological father is, as his last name suggests, Laufey. But is he really? According to North mythology Laufey is actually a female and therefore the mother of Loki.

To confuse things even more, the gender of his mother has also been switched. His mother Farbauti is not a she but a he and goes by Farbaut, quite contrary to what Marvel would have us, or Loki, believe.

Loki Farbauti Mother Frost Giant
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