Watch Loki and Valkyrie's Knife Fight in New Thor 3 Clip

You can get a fresh glimpse at a knife fight between Loki and Valkyrie in a new video promoting Thor: Ragnarok. Tom Hiddleston reprises his popular portrayal of Thor's adoptive brother in the sequel from new director Taika Waititi, joining the titular hero in his battle against the evil Hela (Cate Blanchett) - after being freed from his shackles, of course. Loki's knife-wielding exploits have been flashed as far back as the first teaser trailer.

Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), meanwhile, starts off Ragnarok as a servant of the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum) before eventually joining Team Thor at some point in the story. She may even emerge as a new love interest for the Asgardian warrior. It's clear that she won't have a romantic relationship with Loki, however, as the two appear to be fighting each other in the above promo photo. A newly leaked video gives a quick look at what their one-on-one battle will look like.

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You can check out the video via Tumblr blog Bella Gothic below. It's a clip from a recent interview with Thompson as she describes the character of Valkyrie, an "elite warrior of Asgard" that appears to be just as powerful and dangerous as the hero that's portrayed in the comics. Her comments are interspersed with a clip of Valkyrie and Loki engaged in the previously revealed knife fight. You can tell by Loki's reaction in the clip that he's actually kind of honored to encounter her. And like the director appeared to do with everyone and everything in the film, Valkyrie will have a sense of humor - even during the fight scene. But she looks like she's all business in the clip, as she quickly subdues Loki before delivering the line, "Choose your next words wisely." He stares up at her looking nervous but surprisingly impressed.

Despite assimilating Valkyrie into Team Thor over the course of the film, Ragnarok will also explore the relationship between her and Grandmaster on the planet Sakaar. She brings him contenders for his arena fights, one of which will be Thor as he's pitted against the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) early in the film. Valkyrie's immense power will draw Thor to her and forge special bonds, while it appears that she and Loki will clearly clash along the way.

The comic book version of Valkyrie at times has been presented or alluded to as Thor's lover. It seems like Waititi's take on the character will take her in that direction, especially considering that Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) did not return for Ragnarok. Thor will obviously have a strong team of fighters to band together against Hela, but the relationship between Valkyrie and Loki looks to carry plenty of tension.

Thompson stirred up some controversy last month when she called out male writers for their portrayals of female superheroes and overuse of the word "badass", which she apparently found quite insulting. The actress indicated that she and Waititi purposely crafted their version of Valkyrie as a departure from what you may expect from a formidable female warrior like herself. It remains to be seen if that evolution worked as well as the filmmaker intended - or how much the character evolved at all. Promotion of Thor: Ragnarok has mostly portrayed Valkyrie as, well, a badass - but Thompson implied that she is something much different.

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Source: Bella Gothic

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