Thor: Ragnarok - Loki Is Dismissive of Doctor Strange

Loki and Doctor Strange

After venturing into the cosmos in 2014, Marvel Studios let magic into the universe with Doctor Strange. Before that magic was simply science we didn't understand yet. This idea was introduced in Thor as Jane Foster tried to comprehend the idea of the Nine Realms. Thor however is not the "magical" person in the family, but instead his mother taught those talents to his adopted brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston).

Loki has continued to show his magic abilities throughout his appearances. So what will happen in Thor: Ragnarok when/if Loki and Doctor Strange meet? Apparently, Loki won't be too impressed with what he sees.

IGN sat down with Hiddleston on the press tour for Kong: Skull Island, but they also asked him about his role in Ragnarok. Hiddleston says Loki won't be easily impressed by the Sorcerer Supreme, as he's been doing similar things for many years. But what about the mystical villain Hela (Cate Blanchett)? They could've been allies under different circumstances he believes.

"I think he probably dismisses Strange. Yes, his sorcery is very impressive, but Loki's been doing that for centuries so who cares. Hela is a different beast and full of surprises and actually might have been someone with whom at one time he could've gotten along, but the circumstances have changed."

Loki Laughing Tom Hiddleston Thor

No matter the time gap between Doctor Strange and Ragnarok, the future Sorcerer Supreme is merely a beginner with magic when compared to Loki. As the god of mischief, he has been studying and using magic nearly all his life, whereas Strange has only dedicated more than a year to its practice. Furthermore, considering Loki's well-known arrogance,  even if Strange's abilities do impress him, there is little chance he would make that known.

Strange doesn't figure to be a major part of Ragnarok as there are many plot threads currently waiting to be sewn together. Between discovering Loki has been posing as Odin, fighting Hulk, and taking on the new threat in Hela, the third Thor solo film already has plenty going on without wondering how Doctor Strange is going to factor in to the story. Somewhere in there fans will discover the changed circumstances Hiddleston references and sees Loki and Thor working together again and against Hela. But, we will have to wait for a trailer to start to see how the story will unravel.

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Source: IGN

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