There's a Thor: Ragnarok Joke In Doctor Strange #382

Doctor Strange and Thor

Thor: Ragnarok recieved an amusing shout-out in the latest issue of Doctor Strange. It's hardly unusual to see Marvel Comics give a little wink and nod to the latest Marvel blockbuster. Back when the trailer for Captain America: Civil War came out, readers got an amusing scene in which Spider-Gwen wielded Captain America's shield. Just before Brie Larson was announced to play Captain Marvel in the MCU, the comic book character made a quip based on The Room.

So it's no surprise that the comics are acknowledging Thor: Ragnarok. Take the example of Doctor Strange #382, which features an amusing joke based on a key moment in the film.

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In the comics, Loki has just taken up the position of Sorcerer Supreme. He has his eyes set on a spell beyond any other spell, one that will allow him to control all magic in the world. Stephen Strange locked that spell away back when he was Sorcerer Supreme. Now Loki's trying to work his way around Strange's protections, and he believes part of it involves breaking down a door.

Not just any door, of course. This is an enchanted door, and so far even Loki's best efforts haven't been able to penetrate it. That's when he summons two rifles, and opens fire with a cry of rage. It's a moment that will make fans chuckle, a clear homage to Thor: Ragnarok, and the scene where Skurge met his end.

But writer Donny Cates isn't finished yet. He decides to call it out, with Loki's apprentice Zelda asking why the God of Mischief really thought rifles would work where magic hadn't. Loki's indignant response is to point out that these aren't just any old rifles — they're the very same weapons used by Skurge himself!

The real irony of it all? The spell Loki wants isn't even hidden behind that door. In reality, Strange bound the spell to the lives of those he cared about. It's currently hidden with his old apprentice, Zelda, the very bookworm who's trying to help Loki break the door down. For all Loki's cunning and power, he has no idea that the spell he wants is sat right next to him. Ultimately, it looks as though the joke's on Loki.

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