Learn Universal Hand Gestures From Jeff Goldblum In Thor 3 Bonus Scene

The latest bonus scene from Thor: Ragnarok features the Grandmaster and Topaz testing the universality of hand gestures. From the box office numbers to critic and audience ratings, it's clear that Thor 3 was a hit across the board when it premiered last year. Luckily, the home video release is promising more of what fans loved when it arrives next month. And thanks to Marvel teasing its arrival, we've had a taste of what to expect.

Not long ago, our first glimpse of the Blu-ray release arrived with the Thor: Ragnarok blooper reel that pretty much involved director Taika Waititi having a blast on set. The auteur's signature style was all over the film, and behind-the-scenes footage and stories prove the cast had just as much fun making the film as audiences had watching it. Naturally, the director has been prominently involved in the home video marketing, summed up in a recent funny Thor 3 introduction from Waititi. Along with the off-camera gags, however, the Blu-ray will also feature all sorts of bonus and extended scenes thanks to the heavy use of improv while filming. And the latest one features the master of ad lib himself.

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Marvel has released a new extended scene from Thor: Ragnarok that follows the Grandmaster tasking Loki and Valkyrie with tracking down Thor. After expressing his frustration, he delivers what he thinks is the universal hand gesture for 'leave,' only to be met with blank stares. From there, Jeff Goldblum and Rachel House (Topaz) riff on various hand gestures and further prove their comedic chemistry.

Topaz wasn't a huge part of Thor 3, but House's work in Waititi's Hunt for the Wilderpeople showed she was excellent at playing a straight person. Paired with the manic energy of Goldblum as Grandmaster, House's Topaz operates as the perfect counterweight. Hopefully, both characters will return for a potential sequel, though Chris Hemsworth says he's done with Thor. That said, the right script and some coaxing from Waititi could be all the actor needs.

Barring the return of Thor, a Grandmaster-related project seems like it could be fun. The new Team Thor short that will arrive with the Thor 3 Blu-ray will feature the Grandmaster rooming with Darryl. And Kevin Feige wants a Grandmaster/Collector team-up to happen soon. With Phase 4 promising new types of films from Marvel, perhaps another cosmic comedy is in order. In the meantime, the Thor: Ragnarok home video release should provide plenty more Grandmaster and Goldblum.

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Thor: Ragnarok arrives digitally on February 20, with its DVD and Blu-ray release coming March 6.

Source: Marvel

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