With the new international teaser trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, fans can revisit all the action of Marvel’s upcoming epic. While little information leaked during the production of the third Thor film, things are finally coming to light for Taika Waititi’s new film following the release of the first teaser trailer. We’ve learned that the director’s style led to a lot of improvisation on the set, especially from Jeff Goldblum. It’s also looking like reshoots are underway, with Mark Ruffalo back as the Hulk. There’s even a small chance that Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster will be back, helping to tie together much of the trilogy.

What’s become clear is that the new film will have its own unique tone and set itself apart from other films in the franchise. And while it will share some stylistic traits with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Ragnarok looks to be its own beast and will provide an exciting window into Asgard and the other realms of the MCU. While we await the release of a full trailer for the film, likely coming around Comic Con later this summer, promotion for the movie has continued along and begun to enter overseas markets.

Marvel Japan have released their take on the previous teaser, re-editing the glimpse at the movie to focus on the fights and villains. Sadly, it doesn’t feature any new footage, but it further highlights how visually stunning and action-packed the upcoming film will be.

Thor Ragnarok Trailer Loki Daggers Thor: Ragnarok International Trailer Is All Action

Coming in a bit under the previous version, it does away with much of the humor that will help define the new film. Still, it paints a picture for international moviegoers of the epic scope and grandiosity of Waititi’s vision. That said, it’s lack of original material won’t help it unseat the first teaser as Marvel and Disney’s most viewed trailer of all time, but it’s a worthy introduction for foreign audiences.

The new take on the trailer also reframes much of the apparent plot, moving Hela’s destruction of the hammer to the end. In doing so, it brings up the possibility that the new movie won’t be quite so narratively linear as it was previously assumed. Perhaps the film will even work backwards from a certain event, with flashbacks filling in the gaps.

Though more concrete information will likely arrive in July with D23 and Comic Con, it’s a safe bet that the next few months will also see more images and promotional material rolled out to get audiences excited for the new film. The franchise has never been a huge earner for Marvel, but the bold new vision of Thor: Ragnarok may just change that.

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Source: Marvel Japan

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