Thor: Ragnarok Image Gallery Includes Skurge & A Hulk Parade

New images from this fall's Thor: Ragnarok have arrived, detailing some previously-unseen moments from the film. While the Thor franchise has always offered a window into a different corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (namely, Asgard and a few other aliens realms and planets), Ragnarok is poised to offer some of the most unique characters and locales we've seen in a MCU film yet. Described as being a cosmic buddy film, Thor's team-up with the Hulk will see the two visit new worlds, tangle with mysterious creatures, and face some of the biggest and boldest villains Marvel has to offer.

Beginning at San Diego Comic-Con this year, more and more has been revealed about Ragnarok as Marvel continues their push towards the movie's release in November. We have since gotten a Ragnarok trailer featuring Doctor Strange and teasing the Sorcerer Supreme's role in the film, building upon the meeting between Thor and Stephen Strange in Doctor Strange's mid-credits scene. Meanwhile, images have continued to flow in for the film, showing Thor and Loki on Earth and teasing a battle between the Trickster God and Valkyrie. Now, an even bigger batch of Ragnarok images has arrived, hinting at more colorful moments to come.

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Marvel Studios has released several new images from Thor: Ragnarok, highlighting many of the moments that we first saw in the original Ragnarok teaser trailer. Along with those scenes, the images (see the gallery below) offer a better look at Skurge (Karl Urban), showcase more of Jack Kirby's influence on the design of the planet Sakaar in the film, and offer a glimpse of a parade in Hulk's honor.

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The most intrguing shot, of course, is Valkyrie standing arms akimbo while a Carnivale-like celebration occurs behind her. From the face paint to the papier-mâché Hulks, the event looks to be a march on Sakaar in honor of Hulk. Given the fanfare, it seems the Hulk has earned the love of the Sakaarans and is likely the reigning champion in the Grandmaster's (Jeff Goldblum) arena. That said, we could be seeing some sort of parade in honor of Hulk liberating the people of Sakaar from the rule of the Grandmaster. Either way, the scene is sure to be a blast.

We also get better looks at Skurge, who will be working with Hela despite his Asgardian heritage. There are more shots of the Grandmaster's viewing booth and guards, too, which all take cues from Jack Kirby in their design. A number of images also provide a better look at Thor's new armor and his liberating haircut. Finally, we can see Heimdall looking a little worse for the wear. His absence from his post at the Rainbow Bridge will likely play into Thor's prophetic dream in Avengers: Age of Ultron and will help to set up Infinity War.

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Source: Marvel Studios (via CBM)

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