Thor: Ragnarok TV Spot: Who's The Strongest Avenger?

A brand new Thor: Ragnarok TV spot settles the debate on who really is the strongest Avenger. With just mere weeks before Marvel's latest endeavor hits the cinemas, its promotional campaign is also being kicked up to a whole new level with the release of several marketing materials for the movie including a slew of quick snippets including this hilarious one.

In the God of Thunder's third standalone film, it's not only him wandering in the galaxy. This time, Odinson has also brought along his Avenger pal, Bruce Banner, who will tag along in his new adventure through the cosmic realm. While the two will initially go up against each other thanks to Grandmaster's famous Sakaar Gladiator battle, we know that they will eventually team-up once again to save Asgard from the evil clutches of Hela, the Goddess of Death. That said, the existing question of who between the two superheroes is really the strongest Avenger still needs a definitive answer.


Fortunately, a brand new TV ad for Ragnarok, which you can watch above, attempts to answer the aforementioned query. In the hilarious 30-second snippet, we see Thor trying to start the engine of what looks like as Sakaar aircraft which presumably what they will use to escape the planet as seen in the previous trailers. With the ship equipped with AI technology demanding the profile of whoever is trying to pilot it, he used to introduce himself in several ways in an attempt to get it to work --  "Thor," "God of Thunder," "Prince of Asgard," and even "Strongest Avenger," however, nothing worked. That is until Banner steps in, does the same thing and introduces himself as  Hulk -- to which the AI immediately responded: "Welcome, strongest Avenger." Naturally, the mighty Asgardian is both befuddled and probably, a little bit insulted as well from its response.

It's hilarious to see Thor's face upon discovering that Hulk is crowned the strongest Avenger. We have seen this running gag throughout several clips from the film -- from Hulk dubbing himself as a raging fire while his pal as measly smoldering, to Thor having to lie to Banner when he asked about who won in their match-up (which Banner doesn't have any recollection of). The banter was interesting to watch, to say the least. We rarely see these characters interact and talk about just mundane things, which make this seemingly petty back and forth refreshing. This is also the reason why the party scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron and the shawarma post-credit tag in The Avengers have been a huge hit with audiences, as they both humanize these superheroes. Likewise, previously released mockumentaries which revealed what Thor and Banner were up to during the Tony and Steve's collision in Captain America: Civil War has the same vibe as their aforementioned interactions.

We can credit this brand of humor to filmmaker Taika Waititi, who has brought his own flavor to a rather grim franchise. Under his tutelage, not only do we get a more fun movie (at least compared to the first two Thor films), we also get a more vibrant looking feature-length movie that is very reminiscent of Jack Kirby's trippy comic book spreads. The drastic changes in Thor: Ragnarok appear to turn out well with Disney and Marvel seem pretty confident in the project. Having said that, it also does not hurt that the epic blockbuster is both racking positive reviews from the movie press, as well as, tracking huge box office sales for its opening weekend.


Source: Marvel Studios

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