Thor: Ragnarok (Sorta) Reveals If Thor is Stronger Than Hulk

Thor: Ragnarok may not definitively prove whether Thor is stronger than Hulk, but it will be a fun ride nonetheless. Long before the plot for Ragnarok had been officially confirmed, it was revealed that Thor and Hulk would come to blows in the film. Following rumors of Planet Hulk movie that would build upon the conclusion to Avengers: Age of Ultron (with Hulk finding himself in outer space), the first concept art for Ragnarok confirmed that the film would bring gladiator Hulk to life in some fashion.

Naturally, the first Thor: Ragnarok trailer ended with the tease of a big battle between Thor and Hulk. Both Avengers films to date have played with something that's been present in the comics for years: the idea of Thor and the Hulk arguing over who is stronger. Fans, of course, have their choices and will passionately debate any who disagree. In the meantime, Thor: Ragnarok will confront the issue head on in the MCU and finally provide an answer - sorta.

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CBR spoke with Eric Pearson, the co-writer of Thor: Ragnarok, about the many elements that went into the film. When it comes to the throw-down between Thor and Hulk, Pearson thinks the new movie will offer some sort of resolution to the debate of who is stronger:

Thor Fights Hulk in Ragnarok

"I think people will continue to have those debates even after the fight. I think that’s what is the most fun about being a fan of these kinds of things. You have your favorites. It is nerd sports. You have your favorites and your own belief in their strengths and weaknesses. It’s a blast to talk about who you think would ultimately win. There was a lot of attention paid to that fight. We knew it would be a big attraction. From the beginning, we were doing a lot to choreograph the moments that we needed. I think we gave a pretty satisfying ending to the fight. It’s both definitive and ambiguous, if that’s possible."

As Pearson points out, arguing over who is stronger/smarter/etc. in comics is like 'nerd sports,' debating examples across the decades of why one fictional character would ultimately best another. It's a hard thing to quantify, of course, with Hulk gaining strength from his anger and Thor possessing the power of a mythical being. Either way, it sounds like Thor: Ragnarok isn't afraid to take a crack at the debate.

With Thor's name in the film's title, it's certainly plausible that he will emerged victorious from his throwdown with Hulk. Then again, the character's humility is a big part of what makes him relatable despite his godly powers. There's also the fact that a Hulk who's not the strongest there is wouldn't have much going for him, whereas Thor still has plenty of abilities that make him a powerful warrior. Whatever the result of the battle, fans everywhere should at least enjoy watching the two Avengers duke it out in Thor: Ragnarok.

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Source: CBR

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