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Thor: Ragnarok logo and characters

Although Thor: Ragnarok won't hit theaters until next November, filming recently wrapped on the Asgardian's most epic adventure. The Norse God also found himself in unexpectedly close proximity to Midgard not long ago, which offers a little hint of upcoming events in the epic-scale feature. Already teased as a sort of cosmic "buddy picture" by Hulk actor Mark Ruffallo and a cosmic road-trip by director Taika Waititi, the Marvel panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con already teased a very gladiatorial Hulk, which came as quite the thrill to longtime fans of the Jade Giant.

The Hulk's gladiator look fueled more hopes that the third Thor installment would include a taste of the "Planet Hulk" storyline. If a glimpse at the armor wasn't enough to whet fans appetites, the first piece of promotional artwork will definitely stir up some excitement.

CBM recently got ahold of a Thor: Ragnarok promo from Thailand. The trippy, '80s-inspired artwork (much like the film's first logo) shows off the Norse god in a new, redesigned helmet and covered in face paint, similar to the warpaint Valkyrie was seen wearing in photos from the film's set. Rather than his characteristic hammer Mjolnir, which was likely absconded with by The Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum) to make things more interesting, he wields two wicked-looking swords that appear to be covered in Smurf blood. Next to him, Hulk sports his full-on gladiator armor and looks like he's about to drop the hammer (pun somewhat intended) on an unknown foe.

Check out the thrilling leaked promotional poster artwork, below:

Thor: Ragnarok promo art

Thus far, the House of Ideas hasn't been forthcoming with plot details, understandably. From the few tidbits available, including the role of the Grandmaster, Hulk's gladiator armor, Thor's search for his father, and the rise of Skurge, Hela, and Surtur, Thor: Ragnarok will see its heroes flung from one corner of the Nine Realms to the other. The movie also appears to have taken beats from several classic Marvel comics' story arcs, including the aforementioned "Planet Hulk" and "Ragnarok" events, as well as adding some new elements into the mix.

As a result, Ragnarok has a heck of a lot of working parts. Fortunately, Taika Waititi, although relatively new to big-budget films and brand-new to the MCU, has a proven and skilled hand as a helmer, in addition to the fantastic sense of humor necessary for enlivening such a dense and otherwise serious picture. As evident from the MCU promo video, which explores Thor's downtime on Earth during Captain America: Civil War, the film's stars and director display an appropriately tongue-in-cheek ethos.

Although Marvel tends to do well with an overstuffed story, as the Russo Bros handling of Civil War proves, Ragnarok is quite a massive undertaking itself. Rumored to lead into the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, all the pieces of the puzzle will need to fit perfectly into place. If not, both cosmic superhero epics could end up coming across as unwieldy and overblown. If Ragnarok does connect directly, hopefully the transition will be smooth and both films will continue Marvel's impressive string of cinematic successes.

Source: CBM

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