Thor: Ragnarok Gets How It Should Have Ended Treatment

A spoof video on Thor: Ragnarok provides us a few other ways how the Chris Hemsworth-led flick could have ended. The Marvel sub-franchise found new life under a new director with a vision to shake things up for the God of Thunder. Unlike previous iterations from his own standalone series, gone were the dark and gloomy palette and in its place were the trippy backgrounds that perfectly complemented a roller coaster adventure for the Prince of Asgard as he attempted to save his home planet from his own sister, Hela.

With a fresh take on the character and the world he inhabits, Ragnarok quickly gained success both critically and at the box office, officially becoming the best out of Thor's own trilogy of solo outings. In light of its upcoming home release, the Taika Waititi-directed flick is once again gaining traction. From Marvel Studios releasing short gag reels giving us a sneak peek of what went into creating the movie, to fan-made videos such as this brand new one that is cracking up fans online for humorously taking a jab at the fun film.

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In the clip (which you can watch above), YouTube content creator How It Should Have Ended presents some pretty interesting ways on how Ragnarok could have wrapped up. Obviously, the video is meant to be taken as a joke, but it did have some commonsensical points that could have drastically changed how the film panned out given the premise that Waititi had for it. Adding to the comedic value of the footage is Hela's very self-aware quips such as calling out Thor's "lightning and Led Zeppelin" (pertaining to the film's memorable use of the rock band's "Immigrant Song") failing him.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Thor Ragnarok

In hindsight, all the proposed scenes could have worked okay. They're practical and they all make sense. It's just that there wouldn't be any more movie if Doctor Strange decided to follow the brothers in Ireland during their initial scuffle with Hela and used his sorcery to contain the threat and restore the Mjolnir. But in the spirit of giving HISHE's suggested scenarios a shot, it would be interesting to know what kind of ripple effect the time manipulation would have had on other parts of the MCU just to fix up Odinson's trusty hammer.

Additionally, Loki's bit of leaving Asgard and even blaming the God of Thunder for even trusting him, was obviously hilarious, because it's definitely possible that he could've pulled something like that considering his flip-flopping nature. His betrayal, however, canonically stands, just a lot less funny. We know that he did grab the Tesseract aka. Space Stone and will eventually hand it to Thanos come Avengers: Infinity War; the trailer for the ensemble film so much so hinted at that. And while some fans initially argued that perhaps Thor's adopted brother was forced to give it up basing on the look of terror on his face, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has come out and confirmed that the Prince of Mischief will indeed side with the mad Titan in Avengers 3. Whether its a just a ruse or not, there's still the possibility that he realizes the error of his ways and switches sides by the end of the movie.

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Thor: Ragnarok will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on February 20th.

Source: How It Should Have Ended

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