Thor: Ragnarok Hot Toys & LEGO Figures Highlight Thor's Helmet

A sneak peek at one of the new Thor: Ragnarok figures has been released, along with a first look at a huge LEGO statue that will be appearing at SDCC. As Marvel's final cinematic release for 2017, it's not surprising that this third installment of Thor's (Chris Hemsworth) story is going to be getting a lot of attention at SDCC. Marvel's panel at the huge event is going to be 90 minutes long, and while a lot of that time is obviously going to be given over to Black Panther and Infinity War, Ragnarok is sure to feature heavily as well. Mark Ruffalo has even teased a Ragnarok trailer that could be shown at the event.

And while the Hall H panel is sure to get a huge amount of attention for the weekend, it's not the only thing that has Thor fans excited. Collectors love SDCC for the slew of new toys revealed over the weekend, with everything from PopVinyls to incredibly detailed replicas unveiled each year.

This year, LEGO is going to be showing off a massive model of Thor in his Ragnarok costume, and EW has released the first images of the 7ft brick sculpture. The model is made up of 33,495 individual bricks, and took master builders a whopping 290 hours to put together. In addition, Andy Park, Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor & Concept Artist for the film, tweeted out a sneak peek at a new Thor figure from Hot Toys, with the caption "I can't wait to hold this bad boy in my hands! I'm so honored to design Thor's overall look ESP his helmet @hottoysofficial #ThorRagnarok".


The image Park tweeted doesn't show the entire figure, but zooms in on the breastplate, shield, and of course, the helmet that got fans so excited after it was shown in the first Ragnarok trailer. For comic fans, seeing Thor finally don a helmet was a huge moment, as it brings him just that little bit closer to looking like his comic-book counterpart.

Of course, neither the LEGO sculpture nor the Hot Toys figure reveal anything about the storyline of the film itself, and both show Thor wearing the costume that he is seen in in the trailer. So for fans looking for spoilers, these toys aren't going to cause too much excitement. However, for comic fans and collectors, it's fantastic to see a sneak peek of what will be on display over the weekend - and of course, to see how thrilled Park was to create a version of Thor that finally brings a version of that winged helm to life.

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Source: Andy ParkEntertainment Weekly

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