The Grandmaster moves in with Darryl in a clip from Thor: Ragnarok‘s Blu-ray special features. In an effort to change the Thor franchise after two movies, Marvel Studios brought Taika Waititi onboard to shake things up. Thanks to his vision Thor: Ragnarok was a massive hit for the studio and completely changed the way audiences see Thor (Chris Hemsworth). However, even before the movie hit theaters or a first trailer dropped, fans got a sense of what Waititi was going to do with Team Thor sketches.

Putting Thor on Earth and away from the Avengers, the God of Thunder found a new roommate, Darryl. Waititi used the mockumentary style to show how Thor was (or wasn’t) properly adjusting to life on Midgard. The shorts were such hits, that word eventually surfaced that one involved Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster was on its way.

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Days before Thor: Ragnarok officially hits digital platforms, USA Today debuted a brief clip of the Grandmaster/Darryl short – featured at the top of this post. Showing Grandmaster’s post-Sakarr ruler life, he hasn’t lost his sense of flare. With Darryl now relocated in Los Angeles and looking for a roommate, no one other than the zany Elder answered the call. Thus, the Grandmaster and Darryl relationship began.

Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster in Thor Ragnarok Ragnaroks Grandmaster Meets Thors Roommate Darryl in New Short

While Darryl’s new apartment doesn’t have the lavish luxuries Grandmaster is used to, he does appear to be enjoying life. He is fascinated with the concept of toast for some reason, and hopefully enjoys it based on the amount he’s cooked. He’s also commissioned a sculpture of himself, so he’s not too far gone from the man he once way. As this is only part of the full short, maybe Grandmaster will throw one of his wild parties some point soon. Whatever the full short holds, if Darryl couldn’t put up with Thor, it is difficult to imagine Grandmaster being a better fit.

As fun as these videos are, it also reflects the events of Ragnarok rather well. Grandmaster appears to have set up a place in the apartment to remember Topaz, his former assistant who perishes in a crash near the end of Ragnarok. Grandmaster himself appears to have been able to escape the angry members of the revolution that wanted to overthrow his rule. What isn’t clear however is whether or not all of these shorts are canon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They most likely are not and rather are just fun materials to give everyone more Waititi-made content. But who knows, maybe Grandmaster actually is now on Earth just in time for Avengers: Infinity War.

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Thor: Ragnarok arrives digitally on February 20, with its DVD and Blu-ray release coming March 6.

Source: USA Today

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