Thor: Ragnarok Director Breaks Down Funny 'Get Help' Scene

Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi reveals how he shot one of the film's funniest and most heartfelt scenes. With Waititi boarding the Thor franchise and bringing his idiosyncratic style of filmmaking along with him, Marvel's newest movie certainly feels like its own beast. Not only does it serve as conclusion to Thor's adventures so far, but it potentially sets up a new trilogy for the God of Thunder. As such, Thor's brother Loki naturally returns, completing his own arc from the past two films and The Avengers.

Like Thor, Loki will return in Avengers: Infinity War, but Waititi still wanted to give the siblings a sort of farewell. Their scene in the elevator is not only meant to recap what's happened between them so far, but mark the point where Thor finally gives up on trying to save Loki. Ironically, the parting ends in Loki back on Thor's side - though his schemes are likely far from over. More than just a heart-to-heart between the two brothers, the moment offers some schmaltzy calm before one of the movie's best jokes: the pair playing 'Get Help'.

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Vanity Fair had Waititi break down the heart-wrenching and humorous moment from Thor: Ragnarok for their 'Notes on a Scene' series. In the video, Waititi discusses how the scene was one of the simpler ones to shoot, though still featured some CGI backgrounds and a stunt performer to get 'thrown' in place of Tom Hiddleston.

For film buffs curious how an indie director transitions to making a massive blockbuster, it's certainly an interesting look behind the curtain. As Waititi explains in the video, the film's production went on for twice as long as any of his previous directorial efforts. He also had to contend with a much bigger cast and crew, though he helped keep things intimate by including lots of improv.

Waititi notes that the 'Get Help' scene was actually one of the few to stick to the script, further illustrating how important it was to the narrative. While most of the jokes and banter had room to be played with, it makes sense Waititi would want this moment to land just right. Not only is it a crucial scene for the brothers, but certain comedic beats needed to be hit to make the jokes line up with the stunt work.

Overall, Waititi's approach in making the film looks to be paying off. Thor: Ragnarok had a big Thursday preview night, and it's set to break $400 million worldwide by Sunday. On top of that, fans and critics have been pouring praise on the film, left and right. Given the reception so far, Waititi will likely be able to make many more MCU movies after Thor: Ragnarok.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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