Thor: Ragnarok's Deleted Scenes Hide Odin's Original Death

Odin's Original Death Creates A Problem For Marvel

Despite Waititi's promise, Odin's original death scene isn't anywhere on the Thor: Ragnarok home release. Only the preceding scene is provided, which is so removed from the Odin aspect that those unaware of the change may not even figure anything's up.

That could actually be why it isn't here. The portaloo joke is funny by itself and easy to accept as an alternate gag, but actually showing a different death for the Allfather raises many more questions about something that directly contradicts the provided movie. Worse, they can only be explained with the dreaded "reshoot" word and the murky world of test audiences. It's easier to hide it and avoid questions.

We saw a similar thing with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The initial plan for Maz Kanata was much more involved, with her displaying some level of Force mastery and going from Takadona to D'Qar with the Resistance. This didn't change until very late in the day - all these scenes were shot and her handing the Skywalker lightsaber to Leia made it into the teaser trailer - meaning a lot of practical footage was cut. One of these scenes was revealed on the Blu-ray, but with a major omission: Han, Finn, Chewie and Maz trapped underground by stormtroopers, then Solo distracts them with jokes at Snoke's expense. The released scene cuts there with no explanation for their escape, but we know from concept art it resolved when Maz brought the ceiling down with the Force. It's presumed this second part wasn't included because the effects weren't finished, but may also be to avoid confusion with Maz's changed role in future movies.

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Is Odin's Death Change Related To The Soul Stone?

However, just as Maz using the Force seems has been dropped from Star Wars canon, Odin's original death could say more about grander story developments. If we buy the evidence of the Soul Stone theory discussed earlier, it may be that in an earlier version of Ragnarok Odin did have the final Infinity Stone, but it was changed during post-production to better fit the bigger MCU story.

What makes this so intriguing is the timeline. The reshoots came about in Spring 2017, around the mid-point of Avengers: Infinity War's production; if they were to decide to move the starting point of the Soul Stone in that film mid-filming, it would as a knock-on effect require Thor to change up Odin's death. This late shift would also mean that Black Panther (then wrapping up production) could have no reference to the Soul Stone regardless of if it's in Wakanda or not.

It's all a little conspiratory - the solution may be a little more simple - and still doesn't explain what would have happened to the Soul Stone after Hela's death, but at least presents a better reason to reshoot than test audiences caring too much for Odin.


The fact of the matter is that for whatever reason it was cut, Odin's death scene disappeared. It wasn't present in any of Thor: Ragnarok's B-roll provided upon release and is mostly overlooked (as is the reshot version) in the home video bonus features. Here's hoping it does surface at some point, if only to give the Allfather the emotional sendoff he deserved.

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