Jeff Goldblum Hosts A Tentacle Party In Thor: Ragnarok Deleted Scene

If you need more of Jeff Goldblum being weird as the Grandmaster, this Thor: Ragnarok deleted scene will tickle your fancy. Thor 3 may not have been for everyone, but critics and audiences certainly agreed it was one of last year's most entertaining films. It also found a way to make two characters with near infinite power more grounded and relatable. Much of the appeal came courtesy of Taika Waititi's unique sensibility, which blends the absurd with helping of pathos. And thanks to the upcoming release of the film on home video, there's plenty more to go around.

The Thor: Ragnarok Blu-ray will have a new Team Thor video, this time pairing Darryl with the Grandmaster. Though Jeff Goldblum's character didn't look to be in the best place at the end of the film, it seems he managed to weasel his way to safety. For the MCU, that's a good thing, as the very Goldblum-esque Grandmaster is just the sort of gonzo character that makes Marvel's cosmic entities so entertaining.

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For those seeking another helping of the Grandmaster, EW has an exclusive deleted scene from Thor: Ragnarok. You'll have to visit the link to view it, but it will be well worth your time. And if you need any convincing, just imagine Thor and Banner bonding over their deceased fathers while the Grandmaster writhes around with some tentacle monsters.

Despite the unfinished effects and the improv-heavy dialogue, the scene manages to blend both humor and character work. Thor is dealing with quite a lot in the film, but Waititi manages to present it in his signature style. Like Hunt for the Wilderpeople, the auteur proves emotion and comedy don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Waititi himself looks to be a big part of the Thor 3 physical release. We saw Waititi's humorous introduction to Thor: Ragnarok this week, promoting the film and its bonus features. And one of those we got a taste of recently was the Thor 3 blooper reel which essentially involved the director running amok on the set of his first big budget film.

Given how much Thor 3 made and how pleased the cast and crew seemed to be with Waititi, expect the director to have some more big things in his future with Marvel and Disney. In the meantime, his What We Do In The Shadows TV show is shaping up to be another fan-favorite.

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Thor: Ragnarok arrives digitally on February 20, with its DVD and Blu-ray release coming March 6.

Source: EW

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