Thor: Ragnarok 'Deleted Scene' Features a Yondu Cameo

A Thor: Ragnarok 'deleted scene' features Guardians of the Galaxy's Yondu (Michael Rooker) rubbing elbows with some Asgardians.

The Digital HD copy of Thor: Ragnarok offers a slew of additional treats for fans, but one "deleted scene" in particular is worth noting - a supposedly cut sequence that features Guardians of the Galaxy's Yondu (Michael Rooker). Chris Hemsworth's third solo outing as the God of Thunder included Thor's Avengers pal Bruce Banner/Hulk, as they attempted to save Asgard from total doom courtesy of the Goddess of Death, Hela.

Directed by Taika Waititi, Ragnarok largely revitalized Thor's sub-franchise with its humor and brightly colored backdrops reminiscent of Jack Kirby's comic book spreads. This change in color scheme also signifies the film more outright comedic tone compared to its predecessors. The change was something of a risk but it ultimately paid off, as the threequel became the highest grossing Thor movie yet - and most importantly, fully made Odinson a MCU darling.

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Redditor PlayerCorps has now shared an interesting screengrab from a supposed "deleted scene" from Ragnarok, showing Yondu in the middle of Asgard. The scene in question is set during the public execution where Hela and Skurge grill the Asgardians as to who stole the Hofund, the sword used to open the Bifrost bridge. You can check out the screengrab, below:

This scene would have made the MCU timeline more confusing, seeing as Yondu died during Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - a film that took place shortly after the first Guardians movie, predating the events of Captain America: Civil War and Ragnarok alike. However, it seems safe to assume this scene was intended for the movie's home release only - as it involves Yondu asking for directions to Marvel Studios executives Kevin Feige and Louis D'Esposito's offices, prompting laughter from the extras around him. A fake deleted scene like this also seems like exactly the sort of meta-joke that Waititi would film to include solely with Ragnarok's DVD/Blu-ray.

As for Rooker, it may not have required too much schedule juggling for him to be available to film the Ragnarok "deleted scene" in question. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Ragnarok were not only filmed at different locations (Pinewood Atlanta Studios and various locations in Australia and New Zealand, respectively), they also had different production schedules. Principal photography on the Guardians film sequel took place from February to June 2016, whereas Waititi's MCU movie shot from July to October 2016. As such, Rooker could have gone almost straight from filming the second Guardians of the Galaxy to making a quick stop in Asgard thereafter.

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Source: PlayerCorps

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