Watch the Full Thor: Ragnarok Comic-Con 2017 Panel Online

The full San Diego Comic-Con panel for Thor: Ragnarok is now available online. The third Thor solo movie, Thor: Ragnarok, of course, is the next movie to be released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - and judging the unique vision director Taika Waititi has presented in its first two trailers, it promises to be the wildest Thor adventure yet.

Waiiti was the first person to be presented at the Thor: Ragnarok panel at SDCC Saturday, followed by Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Mark Ruffalo (Hulk/Bruce Banner), Cate Blanchett (Hela), Jeff Goldblum (Grandmaster), Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie), Karl Urban (Skurge) and Rachel House (Topaz).

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Hemsworth discussed during big change-up in direction for the film, due in theaters Nov. 3, which found the Australian actor looking to nearby New Zealand and Waititi for inspiration. Approaching the character for the fifth time in "Marvel's 167th film or something," Hemsworth joked, he figured Thor was due for a big change, and he thought Waititi, who previously helmed the quirky indie hits What We Do in the Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople was the perfect person to bring the new direction to the character and the film:

"Personally, I got a bit bored of myself and thought, 'We're going to try something different, so I spoke with Taika and spoke with (Marvel Studios President) Kevin (Feige) and all of us agreed that if we're going to make a third Thor, we have to really have to push the envelope and experiment and take it to a another level, that is what this film was. (We) cut his hair, broke his hammer, changed his clothes, changed the world ... You're going to see something incredibly unique and different, not only in the Thor world, but the Marvel Universe."

Perhaps the biggest difference, Hemsworth noted, is that Thor "gets his ass kicked in this film, mainly by (Hulk).

Hiddleston also caught the crowd up on what Loki has been up to since the end of Thor: The Dark World, where he was pretending to be Odin on the throe of Asgard, saying "it's been four years" and "Loki has directed most of his energies into narcissistic self-glorification (and) not so much time on good governing ... he's still the God of Mischief."

Blanchett noted that her involvement in the film came by happy accident, saying, "it's a universe that I've been happily dragged into by my kids," while Ruffalo dropped the big news on the crowd about Hulk refusing to turn back to Banner for two years and that the character speaks.

Waititi was the funniest of the participants riffing at the Thor: Ragnarok panel, picking up his cast members comments and poking fun at them at every turn. He said in an interview after the panel that 80 percent of Ragnarok was improvised, so it will be interesting to see how well his comedic sensibilities translates in the Marvel Universe. It certainly was entertaining for the Hall H crowd.

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