Thor: Ragnarok Comic-Con Footage Description

Taika Waititi treated the audience in Hall H to some new exclusive footage from Thor: Ragnarok that wasn't included in the brand new trailer they showcased. With Marvel's panel in full swing after their announcements about Ant-Man and The Wasp then Captain Marvel herself, fans have really been treated so far. There's been plenty of discussion and speculation about how different Thor: Ragnarok will be to MCU movies of the past. The trailer and the new footage certainly prove that will be the cast.

The panel opened with Waititi and Chris Hemsworth talking about their New Zealand and Australian rivalry onset, as well as them explaining to attendees that Hulk refuses to revert back to Banner. As we saw from the trailer, it turns out that Hulk can talk. He's got a limited vocabulary, but still, the conversation's there. But the footage Marvel didn't make available online showed us a little more of the world that Thor is blasted to, Sakar. Luckily Screen Rant was in the room to tell you exactly what that footage showed off.

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Thor is sitting a chair, although his hands are trapped. He's moving along a psychedelic rail that details him through a history of Sakar and the Grandmaster. Thor is then sold by fellow Asgardian Valkerie, and is thrown in a dungeon area where he's got a bunch of dead contenders for company. The footage also showed off Waititi's role in the film, Korg - a giant being made out of rock who failed to start a rebellion against the Grandmaster. We've seen one of his kind before, at the start of Thor: The Dark World. Thor is adamant that he's going to beat the Grandmaster's champion.

Thor: Ragnarok - Jeff Goldblum is The Grandmaster

The footage cut ahead to him stepping into the arena, getting ready for his fight until Hulk emerges. The tone shifts slightly as Thor begins catching Hulk up on what has been happening since he left Earth: "Everyone has been worried about you, I don't hang with the Avengers anymore: It all got too corporate."

If you couldn't tell already, Marvel has pushed Thor in a very different direction for his third solo film. The tone and style feels more in line with James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy. It also feels very large and grand in scale, there's definitely influences from the Jack Kirby period of comics. And even the color change is dramatically different. The first two Thor films stuck to a specific look, and Ragnarok completely changes that - heading straight for the bright colors alongside wild set designs.

Even the humor of the film has been dialled up several notches. It's clear that Marvel has taken account of the reception from the first two Guardians films and steered Thor in that direction a little - or it may be Waititi's influence since he has a comedy background. That's not such a bad thing as long as Thor: Ragnarok carves it's own space in the cosmic side of the MCU. But Marvel is clearly being very bold in their plans. That last shot in the trailer, of the fire lord Surtur, means they really are pulling out all the stops.

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