Thor & Loki Play 'Get Help' in Funny Ragnarok Clip

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The latest clip from Thor: Ragnarok shows the God of Thunder and Loki bonding before playing a funny game from their youth. When Taika Waititi was first announced as the director for the third Thor film, some fans worried how the idiosyncratic filmmaker's comedic background would translate to the halls of Asgard. It turns out it was Waititi's specific vision for Ragnarok that landed him the job - and it's not hard to see why.

The Thor of the MCU has always been a comedic character. From his fish-out-of-water antics in the first Thor to sparring with Hulk in The Avengers to his misadventures with his roommate Darryl, there's always been plenty of humor to mine from the cocky and alien prince of Asgard. With that in mind, it's easy to see how Waititi's sensibilities would fit in Thor's world. Ragnarok is already receiving positive reviews for its visuals, tone, and humor, so it looks like Marvel's decision has paid off. While the film doesn't hit U.S. theaters for a couple more weeks, the latest clip from Thor: Ragnarok offers a taste of what to expect, when it does arrive.

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Fandango has a new clip from Thor: Ragnarok featuring Loki and his brother teaming up. Things start with a heartfelt chat between the two about their incredibly rocky history, with Thor concluding that he will keep searching for the good in his brother. Then, the pair play Thor's favorite game, 'Get Help! - much to Loki's chagrin.

Loki's whole scheme in the first Thor was predicated on the idea that he despised how Odin and Thor treated him, so the scene is actually a fairly clever inversion of that. Here, the dynamic between the two brothers is not only played for laughs, but Loki seems to handle the whole thing with relative restraint.

Like the comic book version of his character, the Loki of the MCU has gone through a number of permutations. While it's safe to assume he hasn't joined the side of good in Thor: Ragnarok, his camaraderie with his brother will benefit the film - as it seeks to establish a new tone for the franchise.

As marketing continues for Ragnarok, we've seen lots of trailers, posters, and TV spots. With the movie about to debut in the U.K., Marvel has been releasing even more clips from the movie of late. Earlier this week, we got to see the moment where Hela destroys Thor's hammer Mjolnir, which will set the film's plot into motion. It also proves that, despite all the laughs, Thor: Ragnarok will still have high stakes.

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